Shalini Trapped - English sex adventure story -

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Shalini Trapped - English sex adventure story -

Unread post by sexy » 22 Oct 2015 03:53

Shalini is a very attractive gal in the first year of her college. She is very decent and conservative gal who has high values for the society. However she belonged to a poor family, who were very old-idealistic, unlike her. She is very beautiful, voluptuous and tall but she does not like wearing revealing clothes. She would wear conservative salwaar suits and rarely loose jeans and long tops to

She is in love with a guy Rohit who is actually also from very poor family. He studies in a different college but the meet in the inter college quiz and fell to each other heart. She knows her family will not at all support her love and marriage with the Rohit. However they plan to keep it a secret and marry once they find good jobs after the college. Then they plan to marry.

The problem started when Rohit did not have the money to pay the college fees. So Shalini, to help Rohit help him borrows some money from her classmate Vicky and gives it to Rohit. Shalini takes up a job in nearby McDonald’s outlet as a lady on the counter to pay back the money to Vicky. She worked after college 3pm to 8 pm. However she had just joined the job when she had to quit the job due to
excessive ogling of people and demands of the manager for her to wear revealing and tight fitting clothes. She could not adjust and she had to let go.

It was another warm morning on the hot summer day. And it was Shalini’s birthday. She remembered the call at midnight from Rohit wishing her a sweet birthday. She wore one of her best suits to the college. A nice off-white suit with pink flowers printed and pale pink salwaar. Over it she put on a nicely pressed matching pink dupatta . She was in joyous mood and had put the tensions regarding her debt on the back of her mind. Anyway she had not met Vicky for
past 1 month. It seemed to her that Vicky too had put it on back of his mind for he was a good friend to her and was a rich guy with his dad in top positions in the political circles. So seemingly the money was not a problem to Vicky and Shalini had put it on the backseat for the day. However she was looking for having a nice lunch and a beautiful evening with Rohit.

She made her way to college in the public transport. Everything seemed nice and merry. Lot many friends of her complimented her on her new beautiful dress. Many of them who were close wished her a nice and happy birthday. She was a happy gal and was strolling to her classroom merrily as the first period, an economics session, had some time before it started. Then there was a voice behind her. Dull and heavy. “very very Happy Birthday, Shalini. Hey wait do not turn… guess who I am. And u get a surprise gift “. Shalini tried to. She just could not recall whose. She guessed couple of names but could not. She guessed in her mind that it was Rohit and was playing some lovely prank on her. However she admitted defeat and turned to give Rohit a scolding laced in love.

She turned and she saw Vicky standing and smiling there.

Shalini: “Vicky… you”

Vicky: “Sorry dear Shalini, you are bad at guessing. you have lost
something today. Err, I mean your gift”

Vicky had cold look in his eyes. Shalini was seemingly uncomfortable in front of him, like never before. Vicky was the last person in the world she expected to see today. She suddenly remembered the money. Then she thought, ` no, Vicky will not talk about it’. Lost in battles of thought, she looked blankly at Vicky, seemingly a different Shalini then just a couple of minutes before.

Vicky: Hey Shalini, what happened? Where are you lost? Hey… here…

Shalini: Oh. sorry I am. Oh. Please. Hello

Vicky: Lost in someone’s thought?

Shalini: No no, just like that. How are you?

(Though Shalini had never told Vicky or anybody about Rohit, Vicky knew and he knew why Shalini had borrowed money and he knew all about her and her family and about her loosing the job too and he knew her birthday)

Vicky: Happy birthday Shalini.

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Re: Shalini Trapped - English sex adventure story -

Unread post by sexy » 22 Oct 2015 03:54

Shalini: Oh really, thanks. Thank you very much.

(Shalini tries to avoid Vicky and slowly keeps on moving towards the class. Lot many student were already in the class and very few seemed to be roaming around)

Vicky: so how is life, Shalini? Seems we met after a long time.

Shalini: nice. (unsure how to answer the query). Vicky, I have to go to the class. Will you excuse me, please?

Vicky: sure, carry on.

Shalini: thanks Vicky, u r a good friend of mine.

(Shalini feeling relieved meeting is over and money matters may take a back seat for next few days)

Vicky: wait Shalini, is your parents home?

Shalini (Not sure what the question meant): why Vicky!!!

Vicky: no, just wanted to get my money back

(Shalini was like a lightening had stuck her, looked blank again)

(then regaining control)
Shalini: I took the money from you. I will return it to you.

Vicky: yeah you did. But when you borrowed, you asked for 2 days to return the money. Now it is 3 months since.

Shalini: sorry Vicky, but trust me I will return the money.

(Vicky frowns)

Shalini: and I will return very soon. Actually i lost my job Vicky.

Vicky: I do not care a damn about it. I want my money or I am going to do something about it.

Shalini: please Vicky, I do not have money now. I will return within next month. (She was unsure of how, but she thought next month she would buy more time) Please try to understand. You are a good friend of mine.

Vicky: I am your friend that is why I lent you 10,000 bucks. Interests add upto more than 1000 bucks.

Shalini: please Vicky, I had some problem that is why I borrowed so much money. I know I am too late giving you the money back. But I will soon.

Vicky: (pretending not to know) what problem?

Shalini: please it is personal.

Vicky: I give a damn to it. I require the money now. And I give a damn to your boy friend and his college fees.

Shalini: (trying last ditch efforts to regain control back by showing some anger): Vicky, I told you I do not have money now. And I will give it to you next month. Why don’t you listen?

Vicky: you return me the money now. Or I will go to your home. And I will not go alone. I will get the police.

Shalini: WHAT!!!

Vicky: yes, police. And maybe they can arrest you or maybe at least let everybody know of the decent gal behind this decent make up.

Shalini: NO Vicky!! you cannot do this.

Vicky: I can, try to test me?

Shalini: no, you cannot. You are such a good guy.

Vicky: No sorry, who said that. Bye Shalini. See you at your home.

Shalini: wait, wait, what do you think of yourself?

(Suddenly turning to Vicky as a lioness who just seen the goat tied in the grassland)

Shalini: who will trust you? How can you prove to anyone I borrowed from you. You are a liar. What proof do you have I borrowed?

Vicky: so you want to deny you did?

Shalini: I told you I will return after some time but you did not agree. Now you listen, I am not going to return the money because I never borrowed from you. Police will ask for proof.

(Vicky stared at Shalini with cold eyes, she had just changed again from being a silent polite girl begging him for time to one who was threatening him)

Vicky: think about it. You cannot lie. You will not be able to.

Shalini: now do not waste my time. I need to go. Anyway, you are NOT welcome to my b’day party. Do you understand?

(Shalini turns to leave)

Shalini: bye Vicky. See ya.

(The bell for the first period rings)
(the bell for the first period rings. All the students move towards their classrooms. Shalini looks at Vicky with victory in her eyes and turns away smiling. Vicky looks coldly and seemingly blank at her.)

(Shalini had just moved couple of feet when)

Vicky: wait Shalini, how about this?

Shalini: (stops but speaks without turning or looking back) what? I give a damn to whatever u have.

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Re: Shalini Trapped - English sex adventure story -

Unread post by sexy » 22 Oct 2015 03:54

Vicky: but police will not give it a damn, I promise. It will convince them.

Shalini: (turns) I give a damn to whatever it is. By the way what next bull shit you have.

(Vicky stands with a photocopy of the court stamp paper in his hands. Shalini looks closely.)

Shalini: (looking confused and worried this time) what is it?

Vicky: u want to look? I thought you give a damn to it.

Shalini: I do. But what is it?

Vicky: see for yourself

(Shalini takes the paper from his hands and notices it is a photocopy of a blank court stamp paper with HER signature, she uses for her bank accounts, on the paper)

Shalini: WHAT!!! How did you get this? Where? You cheat.

Vicky: cheat? Me? Who will trust you now? Ha ha

(Shalini looks confusion on her face, fear in her eyes and sweat on her forehead)

Shalini: you forged my signature. That is not fair.

Vicky: and I am going to write this document also. Myself. And obviously the amount too. May I add couple of zeroes to it? Ha ha. And u signed it !!!

Shalini: No… no way police is going to believe it.

Vicky: just shut up now ok. I have enough of influence in police to make them arrest you. And maybe your family members too.

(Shalini knew Vicky was a son of an influential person and she could in no way debate it. And she was from a very simple family. Shalini looked blankly at Vicky)

Vicky: so what do you plan to do? Haha.. go your class is underway. Study economics. Will be useful in jail. Ha ha

Shalini: I am requesting you for some more time. Ok please give me only 15 more days. I will return the money.

Vicky: No way you have to give me my money now or police is going to get you.

Shalini: Please I am not that kind of girl. Please do not involve police in between. We can solve it among us. My parents are poor and we cannot afford all that.

Vicky: ha ha, how does that matter to me? I want my money now

(Shalini starts crying)

Shalini: please Vicky, I am your friend. I have done no bad to you. I am promising I will return your money.

(Vicky laughs aloud. The corridor is empty since all the students are in their classes. Shalini joins her hands and pleads.)

Shalini: Please Vicky, I am not lying, I am not well off. I required the money badly for.. for… I mean I needed it. And I will pay it back to you. Please do not be bad to me. Please give me more time.

Vicky: So you want time? I can give you time, as much as you want.

Shalini: I want it. I promise I will return the money. I know your are so good.

Vicky: wait, but you will have to buy the time.

Shalini: Buy time? What do you mean? I cannot afford a lot of interest on it. But I will try to give you whatever you decide. Can we talk the interest rates after the class? Can we? Anyway thanks for being kind.

Vicky: wait dear. The price for time is not interest. But the price is that you will be my slave for a day. 1 day slavery earns you 1 month of time. It is up to you now.

(Shalini thinks she has heard it all wrong. What is happening to my ears, thinks Shalini )

Shalini: What? I mean pardon.

Vicky: Slave for 1 day. You will do all I say that day.

Shalini: what do u mean slave? I am not your slave.

Shalini: (She almost screams) VICKY! Do you think I am such a gal. I mean I am from a poor family but decent family. Do you think I will do it. Never. Forget it. You can even ask a price in terms of monetary.

Vicky: the price is simple and clear. 1 day slavery earns you 1 month to pay the money back.

Shalini: please Vicky, the cost is too much for me. Take pity on me please.

(Shalini thinks she had all the modesty for her would be, probably Rohit. She had not even allowed Rohit to touch her. But this was pushing against her. And things were getting out of control)