english novel - husband of my sister

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english novel - husband of my sister

Unread post by xsuperhotx » 22 Mar 2016 10:24

It all happened suddenly that day, but first I would like to introduce
myself. My name is Theo and I just turned 20, but tell them the story that
happened when I was 18. I live with my parents and my older sister, who is
called Thalia, lives in a nearby neighborhood, since I already have a life
and works. His name is in honor of my mother at that Mexican singer who is
also an actress. My mother called my father Alfredo and Juliana. I'm 1.70 m
tall and my skin is light brown. I use glasses because I can not see far,
I'm nearsighted, and my body is not spotted, I'm normal.

Well, back to history. Well, that day happened all at once. My sister
Thalia, who already had some time to seriously dating a guy, he arrived
home and telling my parents to prepare a dinner, because it would finally
bring her famous boyfriend to present to the family. My mother has just
jumping for joy and my father had to buy a good wine for dinner and know
him as "Peter", a name which she said was her boyfriend.

I've always been kind of shy and very timid, and yet by being gay and
living in a family where the dog was up evangelical, I was even more
embarrassed to take my family for my homosexuality. Just imagine me
reaching for my parents and saying I'm gay, people. One of two things:
either they would kill me or die in my place. And because I know very well,
I get the first option. At least I would be expelled or sent to a section
of discharge of their church.

Returning to the main: then, because I am gay and not assumed, just
sticking to the old fashion of life chats. With the hormones rather than
boiling, I even masturbate with several guys on the web cam. I know this is
very common for some, but try to imagine my situation. Shy, and even gay
son of evangelical! This is not the perfect combination, and I was killing
a dog cry, burn those hormones needed anyway. As I had not courage enough
to meet someone in public, that was the only way I found to me "free."
Finally, in one of these searches for faces rampant on the Internet, I met
Richard. I had just turned 17 and I met on my birthday, a well-known chat.

Will chat, chat comes, and we exchanged MSN chatting there. So far so good,
he told me he lived alone, was unmarried and working as an intern within
the university where he studied, which coincidentally was the same
university where my sister was completing his medical degree. Ricardo told
me he had 20 years and just be gay. He had been with a woman, but did not
like the product. We spent hours talking some more, until he showed me a
picture of him: tall, tan, piebald and green eyes. Can you imagine what
went through my little head teenager to see that copy of Greek God
interested in me, is not it? Anyway, I showed a picture of me too, and
oddly enough, he liked it. He said he loved the way I look young, he loved
it. There, he was just praised me, I let the guard and fell in love. The
beginning of a tragedy super delicious.

After typing a few weeks, finally decided to meet. We decided not to, I
decided, because for him we would have found the same day. We agreed on a
very busy shopping, so it would be less dangerous, and I engabelei my
parents, saying they would go out with some friends from school, and
went. Had put the best clothes I had and made my hygiene: I did not want my
first time was in a rapid and marked, as a program, but the way I was
killing a dog scream in my 17 years, and still in the company of a man like
that, then would not find bad if I attacked in the bathroom of the mall.

Arriving there, we met in front of a diner. He was even more beautiful and
nice person. Those green eyes seduced me, and when I least expect it, we
were going to the bathroom, mad with excitement. My head was spinning, I
was torn between the values ??that my parents had taught me and the urge to
have sex. The second spoke louder, and soon after I entered the last Box
with Ricardo, and we'd get there. I never had sex with a guy before, and it
was driving me crazy! Ricardo was very tasty, and knew how to manage the
business, years of experience, perhaps!

He told me to suck her nipples and I did. He groaned in a super exciting,
and I never thought that I knew to give pleasure to a person the way he
showed that I did. Minutes later, he lowered his pants and underwear and
jumped to his penis so big and thick. He murmured softly:

- Chupa!

And I sucked, even without ever having sucked at least lollipop before,
because I have diabetes since childhood, I sucked while he moaned softly
and called me many words, that instead of making me broxar me even more
excited. At one point I sucked his balls, and big hair, while he was
masturbating with his penis in my face. Not long after, he announced that
he would enjoy, asking me to open my mouth. I was reluctant at first, but
he made a face that I could not resist, and ended up giving in, and my
throat invaded by jets and more jets of semen, it seemed that he had not
enjoyed for centuries.

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Re: english novel - husband of my sister

Unread post by xsuperhotx » 22 Mar 2016 10:26

He lifted me and kissed me breathless, even though I just swallowed his
semen. He asked me to enter, but then I finally had a spasm of lucidity,
and said:

- No way, not here.

- Why not, man, I'm crazy about you!

- No way, Richard, does not work here.

He pressed me so much that I ended up confessing that she was a virgin and
that it was my first time with another man, off the internet. He opened a
beautiful smile and naughty at the same time, saying he was glad it was my
first and I was right, that was not the best situation is not the best
place for my first time. We decided to go back to the food court and ate
lunch. This time we talked more, about family, plans, studies, etc. He
spoke very little, and I fool so enamored with him, I let a lot of things
without thinking. We parted and I went home with a smile from one end to
another, until my sister, who had gone to visit my parents pissed off at
me, saying I was in love.

The months passed and we continued to meet, but never rolled nothing more
than oral sex. Ricardo was hooked into my mouth, and I in his body! Until
the day came, I remember it well, he called me to see the apartment in
which he lived. Of course I already knew what he wanted, and what I wanted
too. The problem is that the day he would be scored the same day my sister
finally present her boyfriend Peter to the family. I told him I would have
an important appointment during the night, a family dinner, and he said he
would also have to solve some perrengues nightfall then when we would meet
in the morning. I'd ditch school and go to his apartment, we would do what
had to be done and would be happy later. How wrong I was!

On the appointed day, killed classroom and took a taxi to his house. Once
there, the doorman interfonei released my entry. I had a huge surprise when
I rang the bell and he opened the door, with ple-men-ta-you naked. Naked,
the way you came into the world, with some changes, of course. And for the

I could not resist his smile and tasquei him a kiss on the mouth, closing
the door without even worrying if anyone had seen or not. He pulled my
shirt and sucked my neck with ferocity, tearing groans of pleasure and
pain. I lowered my pants and let her start on the ground while he was
driving behind me, rubbing his cock on my buttocks and kissing my neck. I
was completely given over to that guy!

We went into his room, between moans that I could see it was very organized
and well decorated, and I sat on the bed and began to suck it eagerly. He
fell back and almost screamed with delight, calling me "my love" without
stopping. I did not know if we had something serious, he had never spoken,
and it rolled between us was just sex and kissing, nothing more, so I felt
even more amazed to see him calling me a love and writhing in pleasure with
the penis in my mouth.

Minutes later, we stayed in a wonderful 69, and was impressed when he began
to perform oral sex on me, already knew a few months ago, and he never had
any such action. We enjoy one another's face, and then he took me to the
bathroom to take a bath.

He asked if I was hungry, and I said yes. We lunched and then returned to
the room, both still naked through the house. The his penis hanging from
one side to the other excited me and soon I was performing oral sex on him
again. This time he stopped me and pulled out a condom in the bedside table
along with a lubricant.

- You want to ...? - Ricardo asked, a look at that pretty face stamped

- Yes - I just said, after thinking for a few seconds. I really wanted.

Before long we were already in grabbing again, until I put Ricardo baked
chicken and spent lubricant on me and his penis. He looked deep into my
eyes and forced penetration, ripping my groans of pain and pleasure at the
same time. I think with every thrust he gave in an attempt to invade my
body, I moaned softly (until such times I am shy) and when finally he
entered me completely, I asked him to stop because I was really hurting.

- Calm down, wait a minute you get used to - he said, kissing me. Did not
another, minutes later I rode his cock like a whore in heat. We did every
position imaginable until he finally and I also enjoyed both satiated and

It had been my virginity.

We spent the rest of the morning dating and watching romantic movies, until
he looks into my eyes and says: - Theo, I ask you a question?

- Of course, Ricardo, anything - I said, not even imagine what was there.

- Would you date me? Be my boyfriend, altogether?

I froze on the spot, and I felt I had lost my vocal cords, because he was
not there I let go esmurrasse some sound. After awhile, when I finally
realized I was being asked in dating the cutest guy I have ever seen in my
life, I answered: - Yes, I agree.

That was one of the happiest moments of my life. Ricardo kissed me in the
mood, full of happiness, and there on the sofa just fucking
yourself. Unfortunately the time came to leave, and I had to say goodbye to
my love, thanking God and all the saints to finally know what was going on
between me and Richard.

I reached my happy home life, and I had to put up with teasing from my
sister, saying I was not only passionate, but was loving. Thalia was
preparing dinner with my mother and my father would come home early from
work so you can dress up and finally meet in-law, because neither picture
Thalia had shown us that Peter's.

Night came, and I had only spoken once with Ricardo, who had come to warn
you right at home. My parents packed up and my sister, and I was the last I
began to get ready. From inside the bathroom I heard the room door being
opened and my mother just giving welcome Peter. I made haste, put on a good
machine, I perfumed and down, curious to know the famous boyfriend of my
sister. Thalia, dead happy, cried when he saw me coming down the stairs:

- Theo, come to know Peter, my boyfriend!

When Peter appeared before me, I almost fainted. My mouth went dry and I
could hear the beating of my heart. The boyfriend of my sister was Ricardo

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Re: english novel - husband of my sister

Unread post by xsuperhotx » 24 Mar 2016 07:33

I was completely static for a few seconds, and it seems that Ricardo
and Pedro, I guess it was the same. We were staring at us in silence, he
saw the disappointment in my eyes, where tears may be seen, ready to
fall. My sister looked from one to another, as if trying to understand why
I had not raised my hand and Ricardo, Ricardo, Peter, not his
risen. Finally, she asked:
- Love, Theo, you're not going to greet?
Waking the almost trance, Peter looked at my goofy sister, and raised
his left hand to me cautiously, opening a grim smile and saying:
- Okay, Theo? It is a pleasure to meet you.
I squeezed his hand back, trying to hold myself not to burst into
tears right there. I swallowed that lump in my throat and took a deep
breath, murmuring:
- It is a pleasure to meet you too, Peter - and I emphasized his name,
because from now I would have to get used to call him Peter, and
Ricardo. That bastard! Hours ago had asked me for a date, saying it madly
in love, and dating my sister behind my back! Okay, it could be that he did
not know she was my sister, but only because he had lied about his name and
said he was single had already broken the trust I had in him. And I, as
always, falls like a duckling in this web of lies! Cursed heart!
- So, folks, let's have dinner? - Asked my sister, still not realizing
anything, so I was thrilled with the situation. - Love, not connecting to
Theo, he has moments that are antisocial! - She said, referring to me.
- It's true - I agreed, trying to smile as truly as possible, because now
even my mother has appeared to call us for dinner. - No power no, Peter. -
I emphasized his name again, while Peter was still awkwardly, looking for
me and my sister with a stupid grin on his face. For a moment I wanted to
jump on his neck and yank him those damned (and beautiful) green. He had no
idea what caused it. Despite trying to be as strong as possible on the
outside, inside I was destroyed. Completely. Maybe living with my parents
as conservative made me get used to guard what I feel without much shine.
With the call of my mother, we went to the dining room, the table was
spread, and could see that Thalia and my mother had fancy on the menu
because there were several options. Unfortunately the destination, my
father sat at the left end of the table, my mother to your right, I sat
beside my mother and Ric ... Oops, Peter sat down in front of me, with my
sister at her side, who kept giving him kisses on the cheek and stroking
her hair.
My father just wanted to know all of Peter's life. What he did, where
he was, why did, where his parents were, future plans, etc.. My father
always had a job interview when my sister showed up with a boyfriend back
home, which did not occur as often. From one moment to another, my father
asked what were his plans with Thalia, who nearly choked on a piece of
- Father, that's enough, huh? - She asked, taking a little wine.
My father, as he only conservative, pretended he had not been
interrupted, and continued. Peter was silent thinking of the right words to
speak, and our eyes meeting ended abruptly. I felt something strange going
on my legs, and only then realized that the bastard had raised her and
stroked my leg under the table, but looking for my sister.
- You can be sure that my intentions are the best with his daughter,
Mr. Alfredo - Peter said, still stroking my leg. Unfortunately, what
excited me, that made me crazy bum with the drug of only one foot! - Do not
worry I will do everything possible to make her happy. - He looked at me
cheekily, receiving a kiss from my sister in the face and still stroking my
leg under the table. I was at gunpoint.
The rest of the dinner went smoothly and at the end of the night,
while Peter was taking my heart with him. I had spent all night helping my
mother clean the kitchen while my father watched Thalia and her bastard in
the room. My mother was impressed that I'm not in the room with them, but
did not remain doing dumb questions. To be honest, I could not bear to look
at the Peter feel like no punches him and kiss him at the same time. From
time to time I needed to move on my penis trying to hide it, because I was
still excited.
When I was lying there, ready to sleep, my phone rings. I mumbled a
little angry, because besides being with insomnia, crying for all that had
happened between me and Peter, I even ask God to kill me one day my family
found out. I think my sister will never look at me, and my parents
The phone rang again and again and again until I was already
wondering who I took it and read the name on the display flashed
insistently. It was Ricardo. It was he! And now, what should I speak?