Erotic Book - HEARTS AND HANDCUFFS( Sunset Point by Erika Reed)

Contains all kind of sex novels in Hindi and English.
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Re: Erotic Book - HEARTS AND HANDCUFFS( Sunset Point by Erika Reed)

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Chapter Nine

Reid stood there impressed with the little hellcat. Amber was one strong, self-assured woman that wouldn’t let anything stop her. She had been through so much turmoil in life. He couldn’t imagine the life she led living in one foster care after another. That must have been traumatic for a kid. Reid’s heart broke for her. He couldn’t imagine the feeling of not knowing what love felt like. Amber was such a sweet woman. It was obvious that all she wanted in life was to find the one person that could show her what a treasure she really was. Reid wanted to be the one that made her happy and showed her how special she really was. Reid wanted to be the one that gave her the love that she had always longed to have in her life. Reid wanted to do everything in his power to ensure that Amber was safe. Even if it meant all the money he had, he wasn’t about to allow any harm to the woman he was losing his heart and soul to.

Reid had spent most of the morning walking up and down the beach up until Amber joined him. It was the one sure way to clear his head. Reid’s was letting his mind get the best of him. He thought about Lorena and the way she broke his heart in betrayal. Reid cursed himself for allowing Lorena’s adultery to stand in the way of ever becoming happy in the future. Amber had become a big part of his life since she appeared. No other woman made him want to be a better man as Amber had. Lorena was young and beautiful when they first met. The sex was good between them, but after making love with Amber, Reid realized the sex he had with Lorena lacked the passion that Amber ignited whenever they are in each other’s arms.

Amber challenged his sex drive. He had never wanted a woman in more ways than he did with Amber. She brought out the primal animal to experiment and try new things when it came to sex. Amber was the type of woman that would try and challenge his dominant side he never knew existed. Knowing that Amber wanted to experience anal sex and double penetration with him and Dante put his libido in overdrive.

Earlier this morning, Reid woke up and decided to go online to order some new toys he thought Amber might enjoy playing with in the bedroom. He paid extra money to have them shipped one-day-express. He had a feeling she was going to be quite pleased with his choices.

“Reid, will you take me for a walk along the beach and show me what you do when you spend all those hours out here.”

Reid pulled her body flush against his. Amber was wearing a light-purple sundress with thin spaghetti straps. He could tell that she wasn’t wearing a bra under the dress. Her nipples were showing through the soft cotton.

Reid looked deep into her eyes. He could see that what Amber was saying came from the heart. “I love that you are so vocal and outspoken about your feelings, Amber. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your compassionate and considerate ways of helping me cope with life since you’ve come into my life. I have to admit, I rarely allow my thoughts to drift toward my past. You have kept my mind busy with other far more interesting things lately.” Reid reached up and stroked her cheek. “I want you to know that you are helping me in a positive way, and I promise to give this unconventional rapport we seem to have going on with the three of us a chance. Now…let’s take a short walk. I want to start taking positive walks on the beach instead of the old sulking ones I used to take before you showed up in my life. We have to stay close by the shore. I don’t want Dante to have a conniption fit if he can’t see us.” Reid looked to the window and pointed that they were going for a walk. Dante frowned and nodded.

Amber smiled and hugged him to her body. Reid then leaned down to give her a sultry kiss that almost caused him to sink in the sand.

Amber pulled away. Looking deep into his soul she said, “Thank you for trusting me, Reid. That’s all I ask from you.”

“That goes both ways, honey. Thank you for sharing your history with me.”

Reid started to walk along the shoreline and hugged Amber to his side as he walked with her. Once in a while the waves would come up and crash along their legs. Amber would giggle and smile. He would love to see her smile that way all the time. It had pissed Reid off to know that someone had violated his privacy and burglarized his house. It actually scared the shit out of him to think something could have happened to Amber if neither of them were there to protect her. That was when he knew that Amber had become a very special part of his life. He wanted to do everything and anything to keep her safe.

Amber had stayed quiet the entire walk. Reid had stayed close enough so that Dante could keep an eye on their whereabouts. Amber stopped walking in front of the water and started to undress. She now stood before him, naked as the day she was born. Reid loved every inch of her lush, sexy body. What was it about the cute little dimples above her ass that turned him on? Maybe it was because it was an added bonus to her fabulous ass. He loved discovering new and exciting details about her body. Her skin was so perfect and flawless. Reid never saw her spend hours getting ready. Amber didn’t wear more than mascara and lip gloss. She never wore tight-fitting clothes or things that would define the curves she possessed as a true woman. When God made Amber he definitely took the time to ensure her natural beauty inside and out.

“How about we go skinny dipping? I have never done anything as daring as that in broad daylight. I am tired of being boring Amber Green. I want to have fun and enjoy life while I’m here on earth.” She started walking backward toward the water slowly. Amber raised her right hand and wiggled her little finger at him, beckoning him to follow her.

Reid loved her playful bantering. She was such a playful tease. Amber knew how to make him smile. She made him want to be a better man and start enjoying life for once.

Reid took off his clothes as he watched Amber start to enter the water. She smiled at him before turning around to purposely sway her lavish and sexy hips. Amber was poking the lion again. Reid was going to make the prey pay for teasing a predator such as he. Reid was finding himself to become more territorial when it came to Amber. Thank goodness Reid’s home was far away from other watching eyes. He didn’t want anyone else to see her naked form but he and Dante.

Amber was knee deep in the water when she decided to dive into a wave. Reid followed her in. He found Amber’s body and held her as she wrapped her arms and legs around him.

“I never used to like the salt water. I hated the sticky, salty feeling after I got out. But now I have come to appreciate sticky and salty things.” Amber gave him a sexy smile.

“Umm, you sure know the right things to make my dick hard,” he said before kissing her.

Reid and Amber played for a while in the water. He felt like a kid again. Amber would try to swim away from him, and he took hold of her body and held her close. Amber tried to dunk him, and in return Reid would toss her body into the ocean. It was a fun and playful time he spent with her. They both grew tired and decided to get out of the water. They grabbed their clothes from the beach and started walking back to the house.

“I was thinking about taking some scuba diving lessons. I have always been fascinated with the sea life that exists in the ocean. When I was younger we took a field trip to a local aquarium in school. When the field trip was over, I thought I wanted to be a marine biologist. That was before I found out how much schooling I have to go through just to be able to play with the manatees and dolphins.” Amber shrugged. “When I was in high school I knew my grades weren’t good enough to pursue my pipe dream, so I just gave that idea up real quick.”

Reid stopped and looked at her. “You know, it’s not too late to pursue your dreams. Amber you could always take online courses. It’s never too late to get an education.”

“Oh, don’t get me wrong, Reid. Like I said, that was just a thought. I have no intention of wanting to change my career now. You may not believe it, but I actually like being a hairdresser. I get to meet a lot of exciting people and get to know them as they’re sitting in my chair. Sometimes I feel like a bartender. People just get in my chair and talk about their private lives and share their problems with me. It’s like I’m their personal psychiatrist.” Amber giggled.

“Well, as for the scuba diving lessons, I know someone who could teach you in town.”

Reid took her hand and guided her up on the patio of his villa. They didn’t bother to get dressed when they left the water.

“Let’s jump in the pool and get rinsed off,” Reid said as he threw his clothes on the chair. Amber did the same before she did a cannon ball into the deep end. Reid just shook his head and laughed as he followed her in the water by diving headfirst.

After their short time in the pool, Reid and Amber got out of the water. He went to the cabinet in the corner and grabbed them both towels to dry off with. Reid wasn’t ready to go inside yet. He was having a good time and didn’t want the moment to end. He sat on the lounge chair that overlooked the pool and beach. Reid held out his hand and spread his legs in invitation for Amber to sit with him. Reid began to massage her shoulders. He then moved her long beautiful hair over her right shoulder to place soft kisses along her exposed neck. Reid had an idea. His villa was very private, and his closest neighbor was miles from here. They had complete privacy. He had a feeling Dante was still watching them from inside, so he decided to give him a little show.

Reid started at her shoulder, dragging his hands against Amber’s shoulder blades while touching her warm, silky skin. He then took the towel from her body and threw it in the other chair. Reid slid his hands to her nipples and began to play with her exposed breasts as he kissed her shoulders and neck. Amber tilted her neck to the side to allow him better access. He swept her silky strands over her shoulder as his lips touched the warmth of her sweet-smelling skin. Reid’s cock was pressing against her backside. Hi balls felt like they were on fire. Reid wanted to be balls deep inside her. He knew they both were ready for the next step in his plan.

“Amber, I want you to stand up and grab the chair behind you and sit in it, spread yourself wide open and drape your legs over the arms of the chair, facing me.”

Amber smiled and looked to the door where he knew Dante was watching them. Reid knew she was going to play this out a little better than he pictured. Amber was always willing to tease and taunt their heated libidos. Her nipples had hardened into tiny pebbles.

“I want your cunt spread wide open for us as we watch you play with your pussy. I want you to convince me your pussy is nice and wet. Show me how much you need me to fuck it good and hard.”

Amber reached down and spread her pussy wide open with her fingers. “I’m already wet for you, Reid. I can feel my thighs dripping with my juices.” What surprised him the most was what she did next. Amber slid her two fingers along her wetness and then lifted her fingers to suck inside her mouth. “Mmm, I can see why you enjoy my flavor, Reid.” Amber grinned. “Want a taste, Reid?”

Oh hell yeah he did!

Amber’s naughty words only heightened his arousal. Reid had started this game, and he wasn’t about to let her take over. “Do as I instructed, Amber, or else I won’t allow you to come later.”

Amber put on her best pouty face and continued to pleasure herself. Reid watched as she leaned back some in her chair and scooted her butt to the edge. She then slid her left hand up her rib cage and began playing with her hard nipples. Reid was enjoying this show she was putting on for them. Amber was turning out to be quite the exhibitionist.

“Now I want you to lightly tap your clit with tips of your fingers. Give your clit a nice light spank.”

Amber rubbed her pussy and then lifted her hand before she spanked her pussy lips lightly. That caused her to flinch in her chair, and she moaned in approval. Amber kept up with the teasing of her glistening pussy lips. She was making herself wetter by the minute. Amber was pulling and tugging her taut nipples as she tormented her pussy. Reid had enough of his own torture. He then stood from the lounger and shed his shorts, leaving them on the ground.

Reid sat back on the chair and adjusted it so that the back was straight. He now lay flat on his back.

“Now I want you to come over here and sit on my face. I want to taste your juices that have coated your thighs. You will suck my cock as I eat you out. Is that understood, Amber?”

“Yes, Reid.”

Amber got off the chair and walked over to Reid to straddle his face. She leaned over and grabbed the chair handles for support. Amber then lowered her pussy so that she was hovering over his mouth. She then braced her hand for support as her other hand took hold of his cock.

Reid pulled her pussy closer to his mouth and took a long lick from her anus to the top of her nub. “Mmm, you taste divine.”

Amber then took his shaft deep inside her mouth. Fuck, she gave the best blow jobs. Her mouth was totally sinful. Hot and sexy. Amber pumped his cock as she licked up and down his length. She then leaned further up to take one of his balls into her mouth. Reid was enjoying her mouth to the fullest.

Reid swatted her cheeks and rubbed them as he pulled her pussy deeper into his face. He wanted to crawl into her wet pussy and never leave. Her pussy was powerful, and he couldn’t seem to get enough of it.

Reid then pulled his mouth away. “Stop! I don’t want us to come this way. Turn around and come straddle my cock. I want you to ride me.”

Amber eased up and turned so that she was now facing Reid. She lifted her right leg to throw over the chair. He pussy was now hovering over Reid’s hard erection.

“Take me slowly into your wet cunt. I want to watch my cock disappear inside of you slowly.”

* * * *

“Fuck! I can’t take any more of this torture,” Dante said as he left a trail of clothes along the way toward them.

Reid laughed. “It sure did take you long enough. I thought I was going to have her all to myself.”

Dante stood naked next to their chair. He looked into Amber’s eyes and asked, “Will you wrap those luscious lips around my cock, baby?”

Amber’s eyes held a glint of promise as her teeth sunk into her bottom lip. “I have been waiting out here all this time for that big, beefy cock of yours, Dante.” Amber squatted down slowly until she was fully seated on Reid’s erection. She then took hold of Dante’s shaft as it bobbled in front of her face. Her hand pumped his length a few times before she licked the tip. When her mouth had finally tightened around him, it felt like he was engulfed in hot molten lava. Dante’s balls felt like they were on fire. Dante gathered her hair to the side so it wasn’t in the way of him watching her as her cheeks hollowed out from sucking his dick.

“Ride me while you suck Dante,” Reid said as he played with her breasts.

Amber slid her hand along his length, all the while sucking him deep into the back of her throat. Reid held her hips as she squatted up and down as her pussy milked his cock.

Dante was dying, watching them as Amber’s naked body taunted him from inside the kitchen. He knew good and darn well what Reid’s intentions were as he commanded Amber to his sexual tendencies. Dante was just inside, enjoying the view. He loved seeing Amber so carefree and willing with her sexual desires. Dante had never met another female so open to her sexual needs and wants as Amber. Most women were scared to try new sexual positions or toys. Some of the women he dated would be appalled to be so naked and brazen out in the open. Not Amber.

Dante watched as Reid reached around to grab Amber’s luscious ass as she slammed her cunt onto his shaft over and over. Reid then slid his finger in between her crevice where he found her anus willing for penetration. Amber closed her eyes and moaned around his cock as she hummed her approval. Dante knew she enjoyed her butthole played with when she was getting fucked. He couldn’t wait to take her there and watch her finally get what she has wanted for a long time, but he was too afraid to ask for.

“You like when I fuck your ass with my finger, don’t you, Amber? I can tell because your tight little cunt just gripped my cock even tighter. Your juices feel like hot liquid heat. I can feel your wetness dripping down to my balls,” Reid said before thrusting deeper inside her.

“She’s got her grip so snug on my dick that it feels like my nuts are as hard as walnuts. She does have a wicked little tongue, don’t you, baby? You enjoy pleasing us as much as we want to watch you seek your pleasure, don’t you, Amber?” Dante said as he ran the back of his hand against the side of her cheek. He loved watching her cheeks hollow out as she tried to suck the seed from his shaft.

Dante noticed that Amber’s legs were starting to give out from doing cock squats. He could tell by the way she was sucking his dick faster and deeper that she was close.

“Help her out, Reid. It looks like her legs are about to give out. Make her come so I can shoot my load down her throat.”

Dante watched Reid’s other hand go between their bodies as he found her special little button that was guaranteed to set her off. Amber let go of Dante’s cock to hold onto the arm rest for balance. Dante held her face and fucked her mouth until he shot his seed deep in her throat. After she had finished licking the last of his cum from his dick, Amber then allowed Reid to grip her hips and thrust deep inside her womb where Dante craved to be.

“Reid…Reid, I’m coming! Please, I need your finger deeper inside my ass,” Amber said before she sucked a finger into her mouth and then reached between her legs to play with her own clit. “Yes…yes! Oh God, I’m coming, Reid. Make me yours, Reid. Fill me with your cum, mark my body as yours.”

Fuck! Dante was getting hard again just listening to her dirty little mouth. Dante watched Reid thrust once, twice, and finally a third time before he screamed Amber’s name. Amber’s sated body fell forward against Reid’s chest as they both lay on the chair trying to catch their breath. Reid ran his hands up and down her smooth, silky skin. Dante could hear Reid whispering something in her ear. Amber raised her head and looked at him in shock.

“You what?” Amber shrieked Reid in astonishment.

Reid took a deep breath and replied, “I said I am willing to try and build a relationship as a trio.” Reid ran his fingers across her lips before pulling her down for a kiss. He then pulled her away to look at Dante.

“What do you think, Detective DeSoto? Are you willing to enter into a ménage lifestyle with our woman here?”

Dante was surprised to hear those words coming from Reid Sullivan’s mouth. He thought it would take much more time and effort on Amber’s part to try and convince him that she was the woman for them.

“I am. I need to try this out between the three of us.”

“Okay. I am willing to try. That’s all I can give the both of you right now. Promise me you will be patient, and I will promise to learn to trust again. I know you are nothing like Lorena. I guess I just needed the right woman to give me a good dose of reality. Thank you, sweetheart,” Reid said as he sat them both up in the chair and hugged her.

“I don’t know about the two of you, but I’m hungry. What’s for dinner?” Dante asked.

“I have to go take a shower and start getting ready for the auction. Mmm, but first I still have a few cupcakes hidden away that I think I’m going to go eat right now before I shower,” Amber said as she started to rise from Reid’s lap.

“You evil witch!” Reid said as he tried to grab her arm. “You’ve been hiding those delicious cupcakes from Naughty Sprinkle from us? I thought we ate them all when I went to go look for them this morning?”

Amber looked over her shoulder as she teased. “I hid them so I could eat them all for myself at a time like this.” They watched her sprint off to the sliding glass door, laughing all the way.

Dante looked at Reid. “You do realize my hand is itching to spank that feisty ass of hers for that sassy comment she just made.”

“Yeah, but it will have to wait until after the auction is over tonight.”

Dante grumbled under his breath, “Aww, Reid do we have to go? I hate to go to snooty shit like that.”

“Get used to it. People look to me for donations all the time, and I have to make appearances at some of these functions as a descendant of Sunset Point. I don’t like them any better than you do, but I just planned on making an appearance, and then we’ll sneak out the back door before anyone knows we’re gone.”

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Re: Erotic Book - HEARTS AND HANDCUFFS( Sunset Point by Erika Reed)

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Chapter Ten[/i]

Amber walked arm in arm with Dante and Reid as they stood beside her wearing nice suits. When she first saw them as she walked into Reid’s living room, she felt as though she was the luckiest woman in the world. They looked like sex on a stick. Good thing Amber omitted wearing a thong under her dress. Her main reason was she didn’t want the appearance of a panty line under her dress. The real reason, she was starting to enjoy easy access for her men whenever they wanted to touch her bare pussy.

Reid leaned in and whispered against her ear, “Have I told you how beautiful you look in that dress?”

Amber turned and smiled. “Only about a million times since you first saw me enter the room, when we got in the car, and when you helped me out of the car.” She giggled.

“Yeah well, even though you look so hot and sexy in it, Amber, I would rather the dress be in a pool on the carpet next to Reid’s bed as I eat your bare pussy,” Dante whispered so that only Reid could hear what he said to her.

Amber’s body shuttered at the mere thought of his talented mouth licking and stroking her until she begged him to stop. Amber stood at the entry way to the ballroom and had to press her thighs together to keep her cunt from throbbing. She felt as though she was in a constant state of arousal whenever Reid or Dante were around her.

Amber noticed the ballroom looked amazing.

Heavy velvet curtains hung in elegant lines from ceiling to floor, helping to muffle the noise of the gathering crowd. Large crystal chandeliers bathed the entire room in subtle golden light, giving it an antique feeling like they were walking back in time.

At the far end of the room was a small dais that had been set up for the auction portion of the evening. Lights were placed on the floor, discreetly highlighting the white columns that framed the space around the many tables that filled the room. They were strategically placed so that the flow of traffic could easily maneuver between the tables and the guests could mingle freely.

“We can sneak out when no one is looking. I have a feeling by the sweet aroma Amber’s pussy is putting out that our girl here won’t want to stay very long,” Reid said as he guided them through the maze of tables.

Since Reid had lived on Sunset since he was born, he said hi and shook hands with practically everyone as they made their way to the table. Reid introduced her and Dante to everyone they encountered. Everyone was so warm and welcoming to them.

Reid introduced them to the mayor, Liz Wyatt. Liz was Reece’s aunt, who owned Naughty Sprinkles. Liz was standing along with her two handsome husbands, Luther Wyatt, who was Sunset Point’s police chief, and Jed Wyatt. Amber found out that Jed was also a judge. Dante spoke with Luther off to the side. He was most likely talking about her and her case back in Chicago.

“I am so glad to see Reid happy again. I’ve known him since he was a baby.” Liz shook her head. “I can only imagine the hell he went through after what he discovered with his wife. I haven’t seen him smile like this in a long time, my dear. I have a strong feeling that you are the cause of his happiness.”

Amber felt a sense of pride bloom in her heart. Hearing Liz’s recognition of what she presumed was Amber’s responsibility in Reid’s change of demeanor made her feel good deep down inside.

“I can see that not only Reid shows a fancy in you but the dashing detective as well,” Liz said against her ear as she leaned in.

Would Amber ever get used to the acceptance of multiple relationships on this island?

Judge Jed and Liz’s other husband Luther told her that it was time to go take their seats at their table. Liz gave Amber a wink before she allowed her husbands to escort her away.

Amber and Dante followed Reid until he found their table. Dante held out Amber’s chair as Reid took the seat opposite of Dante. A waiter came to their table to take their drink orders and informed them that dinner would be there shortly. They all sat at the table and enjoyed themselves. As the evening went on, it proved to be one of the best nights of her life.

Amber watched as her friend Trinity walked to her table along with two very handsome men. Trinity spotted Amber and waved. One of the men she was walking with must have said something to aggravate her because Trinity turned around and glared at one of the men. Amber just shook her head and laughed. It was funny to see two men try and tame a wildcat such as Trinity.

Amber watched as a woman with gray hair in her late sixties started to walk onto the stage in front of them. She took the microphone from the stand. “Hello, everyone, it’s so lovely to see you all here tonight supporting such a wonderful cause. Let me introduce myself, for some of you that don’t know me. My name is Gladys Humphries. I helped organize this charity auction this evening. It’s always hard to see the children of this community go off to find their fortunes on the mainland, but this scholarship fund makes sure that they can have the best of educations and then bring those skills right back here where we need them the most.”

Everyone applauded politely, and she smiled and toyed with one of the many rings on her fingers for a moment, waiting for the applause to die down before continuing. “Tonight we’ll be changing things up and starting the auction with one of our most popular items instead of leaving it for last…when all your pocket books are already feeling lighter! The first item up for bid is a romantic cruise onboard the Dolphin Bay Marina’s vessel the Fox’s Fancy.” Gladys smiled down at someone seated at a table before her. “And coming up here to help me convince you to part with your hard earned money is someone who hasn’t been with us in a very long time. Alexandra Fox, come up here, dear, and let everyone say hello.”

“Hey, there’s Lexa. I met her the night Trinity invited me for drinks at Kraken’s Cave. She seemed like a real sweet gal.”

Reid nodded. “Lexa Fox? Ah yes, I haven’t seen her in many years. Her father Chris owned the Dolphin Bay Marina before he died eight months ago. They must have tracked her down to notify her of her father’s death.”

“She told us all about her mother running away with her when she was eight. Lexa mentioned her mother was loony, too. She also told us that her father left her behind a nice little trust fund.”

“Poor gal. It was probably hard for her dad having his only daughter taken away from him,” Dante whispered.

Reid shrugged. “I’m sure once she gets used to things around the island again, she won’t want to leave.”

Reid leaned in to Amber’s side. “While the auction is going on right now, should we each take turns sneaking out?”

“Damn bro, I thought you’d never say that. I will leave first and meet you all at the valet,” Dante said before kissing her cheek as he stood.

“Give him a minute before I pretend to escort you to the restroom.”

Amber was starting to enjoy herself seeing everyone she had recently met while on the island. But there was something sexy and seductive about Reid’s eyes that made her want to run for the door just to get home to see what he had in store for them when they got home.

It was easier than she thought getting out without anyone stopping them to talk. Dante had the Mercedes ready when they walked out. Reid helped Amber into the front seat as Dante sat in the back. The car ride back to Reid’s house was quiet.

When Reid pulled the car into the garage, Reid turned off the ignition and turned to Amber. “I would say that I’m sorry for dragging you to this function this evening, but after seeing you in this dress. It was all worth listening Dante complain about it all night.” Reid chuckled.

After they got home the night before from the charity auction, Reid helped undress Amber as Dante checked the video footage from the cameras Reid had installed.

Amber remembered the way Dante’s face lit up when he walked in just as Reid had Amber’s naked body pinned against the bedpost as she was holding on while Reid fucked her from behind. Amber loved the way he grinded his hips as he thrust deep inside her pussy. She could never get over the way he gripped her hips as he released the last of his seed into her body. Amber faintly remembered Reid uttering the words mine as his body sagged against her back as he kissed her neck and shoulders.

Dante had insisted on making her wear the butt plug as she slept. He had told her that they had something special planned for them all tomorrow night and she could take it out before she showered in the morning. With the plug deep inside her anus, Dante had asked her to get down on all fours as he fucked her from behind while watching them in the mirror that sat in the corner of the room. Dante remembered watching the way her eyes became glazed with passion as she slid her hand between her legs and toyed with her clit. Dante loved to see her wild with desperate need to bring herself closer to release. Dante fucked her fast and frantic, just the way she preferred until they both lay in a heap of molten lava on the bedroom floor.

The next morning, Reid made them all scrambled eggs and toast. Dante used Reid’s office to make some phone calls and check his e-mails. Reid surprised Amber by asking her to take a walk with him along the beach. Amber guessed this was a big step in their relationship for Reid. She appreciated the fact that he wanted to include her in his next step to recovery. As they walked, Reid talked about his passion for creating his video games. The day before, Amber had watched as Reid showed Dante one of the games he was working on. Dante was like a kid with a new toy, and Reid smiled with pride as Dante praised him for his skill. Amber told Reid stories about some of the foster homes she had to live in. Reid never said a word as she talked. He just held her hand and kissed her when she was done talking.

Amber understood Reid’s need to gradually want to trust in someone. In a way, Amber had never really trusted anyone but Trinity all her life. She had no one to show her what love really felt like. Or ever show her how to learn to trust someone. That’s when she knew what love was really about. Even though none of them had ever uttered the three words she had longed to hear from someone’s lips. Amber knew Reid and Dante loved her.

Reid had surprised her with a gift before work. Reid had bought her a Kindle Fire. He told her he was tired of seeing her reading a paperback book. After showing her how easy it was to work, Amber was surprised to see that Reid had loaded her reader up with over a dozen new erotic romance books. She had never received such a nice gift and promised to thank him in a special way later that evening.

Reid and Dante both decided to drive Amber into work that day. Amber was only scheduled to work four hours. They both walked her inside the hotel and kissed her good-bye at the entrance of the salon. Amber’s pussy couldn’t wait to see what they had planned for this evening.

* * * *

Dante had insisted on picking Amber up after work. They stopped along the way to pick up the dinner Reid had called in for them at Lupe’s. Amber relayed everything that had happened at work that day. She told him about a mother that had brought her daughter into the spa to get her hair trimmed. The little girl was very adamant about not wanting to get a haircut. The mother tried everything to get her in the chair, but it was Amber that had talked her into it. Amber promised the little girl named Kari that if she let her trim her hair that Amber would give her long, beautiful hair, big bouncy curls and a sucker if she sat still. Thirty minutes later the little girl had given Amber a big hug while holding her sucker and told her mom on the way out of the salon that she wanted that nice lady to do her hair again. Amber told Dante that she just loved how cute and vibrant little Kari was. Kari must have made a good impression on Amber by the way she smiled as she told the story.

Dante had never mentioned kids around Amber. He wasn’t even sure if Amber wanted kids. Dante and Sarah tried to get pregnant, but were unsuccessful in the end. What if Sarah was right? What if it was him that couldn’t produce? He wouldn’t mind seeing a green-eyed miniature version of Amber someday.

As they got back in the car Dante put his handgun in the glove compartment like he usually did and started the car to head back to Reid’s house. Amber turned her body and looked at one of the shops along the street. She then shifted in her chair to look at Dante.

“Have you ever thought about getting a tattoo, Dante?”

He noticed she was staring at the Branding Iron tattoo parlor, “No. And you won’t be marring that creamy, beautiful skin of yours either.”

Amber flipped her hand in the air, “I have always thought about getting something sentimental put on my hip bone.” Amber shrugged. “It was just a thought in the back of my head. One of the other girls mentioned to me in the salon the other day that I should think about going into the tattoo parlor and getting a tattoo by the sexy owner, Dane Hutchinson.”

Dante growled, “You won’t be visiting any sexy tattoo owner if I have any say in the matter, baby. I love the way your skin looks right now, so don’t even think about marking it up.”

Amber giggled next to him as they drove back to the house.

Dante pulled up in front of the house and helped Amber grab the bags of food after he grabbed his gun from the glove compartment. Amber followed Dante up the walkway as he looked for the key to the door. After unlocking the front door, he noticed the alarm panel on the wall was disengaged. Reid and Dante never turned the alarm off, even when they were home. It was a safety precaution that they all implemented.

Since the break-in, they had all agreed that it was an imperative safety measure to be left on at all times. That’s when it dawned on Dante that something was wrong. He turned and looked at Amber as he reached in to click off the safety on his 8mm hidden in his back waist. Amber’s eyes grew big. He set the food down on the end table and reached for his gun he had hidden in his back waistband. Dante then mouthed for her to take the keys and go for help. Dante watched as she quietly opened the door and started running toward the car. Before she could make it down the sidewalk, a man grabbed her around the waist.

“Put your gun down, Detective DeSoto. Or else Ms. Green gets a bullet to her head like her boyfriend Charlie did.” Dante felt the end of the gun pointing to the back of his head.

Dante slid the safety back on and slowly set the gun on the table next to him. He slowly turned around with his hands in the air.

“Where’s Reid?” Amber yelled as she struggled to free herself from the man’s hold.

That’s when Dante turned around and came face-to-face with Anton Wilks. The other man that stood outside was now carrying Amber inside the house. Dante watched as Anton’s goon Jerry kicked the door closed behind him.

“Go into the living room and sit down on the couch. If you try anything funny, I won’t hesitate to shoot her.” Anton said as he shoved Dante through the entryway of the living room.

That’s where he found Reid’s body lying on the floor in the middle of the room. Amber quickly dropped to the ground next to him. There was blood coming from the side of his head as his body lay limp on the floor.

“Reid…Reid!” She then looked up at Anton. “What did you do to him?”

“I merely knocked him out after we surprised him when we tripped the security system. He’ll be fine.” Anton walked toward her and dragged her up by her arm, “Now, Ms. Green, where are my diamonds that you ran off with?”

Dante and Reid had purposely rigged the alarm so that if it wasn’t disabled within sixty seconds, the security company would notify the Sunset PD and a patrol car would be sent out right away to investigate. Dante wasn’t sure how long ago the alarm had been set off, so he knew he had to stall long enough as help was on the way.

“She doesn’t have them anymore, Anton. They’re now in the hands of the police.” Anton walked over to where Jerry was watching over Dante. He stood directly in front of him as he stared at him with cold, dark eyes.

“If you’re lying to me, I’ll shoot her boyfriend Reid right now.”

“We already discovered your dirty diamonds and turned them in the other night. You’re too late, Anton. All your dirty money just got flushed down the toilet.” Anton struck Dante on the side of the face with his gun. Dante’s body fell on the floor next to Amber.

“Please don’t hurt him!” She begged. “I swear I didn’t know anything about your diamonds that Charlie had taken from you. Please don’t hurt us.”

Reid started to come to. Dante watched as Reid held his head and looked at Amber’s face.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“Yes. I’m fine. Are you okay?”

Reid sat up as Amber helped him to sit on the couch. Amber went to sit next to him but Anton grabbed her by the arm and pulled her against his side.

Anton pointed the gun at her head, “Well if what you say is true and the cops do have my diamonds, I guess I don’t need any of you around anymore. I guess I better get it out of the way and just shoot you all so I can be on my merry way.”

* * * *

Reid felt as though all the air from his lungs began to escape from his body as Anton Wilks held a gun to the woman he had come to fall in love with.

“I’ll give you anything you want. I’m a very rich man, Anton. Name your price and it’s yours. Just let Amber go free,” Reid pleaded.

Dante had caught Reid’s attention as he sat on the couch. Dante had pointed to his watch and put up his hand as if asking for time. The Calvary was on their way. Dante must be trying to stall for more time before the police show up.

Anton looked to be considering his proposition as Reid watched him. The ball was now in his court and Reid wanted Anton to ponder his offer.

“I have an undisclosed account in the Cayman Islands that I want you to wire three million dollars to, Mr. Sullivan. When I know the money has arrived, that’s when I will let Ms. Green here go. Until then, Ms. Green here is taking a little drive with me.”

Reid saw out of the corner of his eye as Lieutenant Jackson Stone flagged him down as he hid behind a pillar on the back patio. Reid looked at Dante who was looking out the front window. That’s when Reid noticed Bannock Garrison, one of Sunset’s own P.D., directly pointing a sniper rifle into the living room. Their rescuers had arrived. Now he just had to remain calm and keep Amber out of harm’s way.

Jerry started to walk backward from the room with his gun pointed at Dante. Anton started to follow Jerry with Amber closely pressed against his chest as Anton’s gun was aimed at her side.

That was when they all turned and faced where they all had heard a loud crash occur in the front yard. Anton shoved Amber’s body down on the floor in front of him.

“Don’t move a muscle. What was that?”

“Fuck! I have a bad vibe, boss. Let’s just shoot them and forget the money he’s offering you,” Jerry said as he steadied his gun on Dante.

“For once I think you’re right, Jerry. I’m going to give you the chance to say your good-byes to one another unlike I did with Charlie boy before I shot him in the head.” Anton pointed his gun at Amber as she screamed for mercy.

Dante threw his body toward Amber as Anton aimed his gun at her and took a shot at her. Shots began to ring throughout the room. Reid hit the ground trying to protect Amber as Dante’s body covered hers.

There was breaking glass from every angle of the room. Reid looked up as several of the Sunset Police force entered the living room from the front door and the shattered sliding glass door off the patio.

Reid stood up and saw that Dante’s shoulder was bloodstained. Amber tried frantically to see where Dante had been shot. People were shouting orders all throughout the room as Reid surveyed the room erupt into complete chaos.

Amber moved aside as paramedics were rushed in to look at Dante.

Dante lay on his back. “I’m fine…I’m fine! It was just a graze on my shoulder.”

Jackson Stone and Amber’s friend Trinity strolled into the room together. Jackson looked agitated as he ran a hand over his cropped dark-brown hair while looking down at the dead bodies beneath his feet.

“Dammit, Katrina, did you have to kill the bastards before we could get them into custody?” Jackson cursed.

“Hey, I only shot one of them.” Trinity rolled her eyes. “Besides, I had to think fast. I couldn’t allow that scumbag to hurt Amber. So, there were a few casualties. Now there are two less fuckheads in the world.” She strolled past an agitated Jackson to where Amber waited anxiously next to the paramedics working on Dante.

“You okay, hon?” Trinity asked.

“Better now,” Amber replied, not looking away from Dante.

“Yeah well, I let Trinity shoot Anton. We flipped a coin in the car before we got here. That left me with his goon, Jerry,” Bannock Garrison said as he stood holding his gun. Bannock looked like a badass standing there with his hip cocked while resting the butt of his rifle on it.

“Fuck, you guys got to have all the fun while the three of us had to watch the outside and wait for Jackson’s all clear sign,” Michael Curtis said as he pouted in the corner of the room.

“Don’t worry, brother, I’m sure Bannock and Trinity will let you take down the bad guys the next time someone tries to take a hostage,” Austin Curtis said as he slapped his brother on the back.

“Damn, Jackson, what did you do, call the whole force in on this?” Reid said as he laughed.

“Jackson had us all on call. He figured the more man power the better. Are we done here now? I’d like to return to my sweet-smelling Gaby that I had to leave just to come help your sorry asses,” Kendrick McClure said as he started to walk out the front door.

Reid observed the two dead bodies as they lay on his oatmeal-colored Berber carpet, each with a single bullet to the brain. Jackson asked for the coroners to quickly remove the bodies as the paramedics tended to Dante’s flesh wound as Amber coddled him.

“It looks like we have an open and shut case now with Anton Wilks and the missing diamonds.”

Reid spun around on his heels to see the smug faces of Detectives Beau Rivers and Diego Mendez.

“Yeah, let’s leave the official paperwork till tomorrow, Beau,” Reid’s friend Detective Diego said as he addressed his partner. “We can do a preliminary report tonight and then head over to see Lexa and tell her Amber’s fine. She’ll be worried if she hears anything about this before we get to her.” He gave Reid a smile and clapped a hand on his shoulder. “You look like hell, man, but you’ve had a bad day, so just this once I’ll keep my smart ass comments to myself. But next time we go out, you’re buying the first round to make up for the paperwork we have to do now.”

Beau nodded in agreement. “Take good care of Amber, and yourself, too. I’m glad this all came out okay.”

Reid shook his head. As hard as it was to admit, he got along well with all those guys. They were good men that banded together at times like this.

After everyone had left, Reid had a cleaning service come in and clean up all the broken glass. The glass company came out to install a new front window and sliding glass door later that evening. Reid was going to have to have the carpet company come out and replace the blood-stained carpet in the living room.

Dante had insisted that he was fine after the paramedics assured Amber that Dante wouldn’t need any stitches. The female medic wrapped his arm up good with gauze and told him to take Ibuprofen for any pain. Amber made Dante go lie down in Reid’s big bed.

Reid came into the kitchen after he had made some phone calls to see his sexy woman preparing dinner for them all. Reid thought back to the moment when he almost witnessed Amber being shot. It felt like his heart was being ripped out of his chest for the second time in his life, and he wasn’t able to do anything about it, again. That was when he felt it. He had gone and fell in love with Amber Green. Without any warning, Reid Sullivan had gone and lost his heart to Amber.

Amber was the sign he had been looking for all those years after Lorena’s death. Amber was the reason he never followed through with committing suicide just to put him out of his pain and sorrow. Time after time Reid had contemplated swimming far out into the deep, blue ocean and taking his last breath. Each time he would swim far out, something kept bringing him back to shore. Now he knew that he was meant to stay on this God’s green earth just so he could meet the woman he was meant to spend the rest of his life with.

Reid walked toward Amber as she stood at the stove stirring something in a pan. He then pressed his front to her back and wrapped his arms around her waist. Amber relaxed her body against his.

“Dinner’s almost ready. I just threw some spaghetti together real quick. I think Dante is still taking a nap.”

Reid took the utensil out of her hands and turned off the burner to the stove. Amber turned in his arms and looked deep into his eyes.

“Does this mean that dinner might have to wait a bit, Mr. Sullivan?” Amber said as she slid her hands up Reid’s chest and along his broad shoulders, until her fingers were twined together around his neck.

Reid then led her backward until her butt hit the center island. Reid raised her butt so that she was now sitting on the countertop.

He placed his hands on either side of her thighs and stared into her eyes. With his right hand, he reached out to touch her soft, beautiful face. It frightened him to think that he almost lost her earlier today. Just when he had begun to find the happiness he longed for so long, it was almost taken from him in mere minutes.

Reid stood to full height. “Do you know how terrified I was this afternoon? When I came to, after Anton knocked me out, and saw that he had his gun pointed at you.” He closed his eyes and shook his head. “For the longest time I never thought I would learn to trust someone after the pain and suffering I went through for so long. Then it all seemed to dissipate little by little the more I got to know you. I have a new outlook on life because of you. Anton Wilks almost took you away from me. Watching him take a shot at you made my heart crumble into tiny little pieces all over again. I couldn’t bear the thought of losing someone I care about to death once more.”

Amber began to form tears in her eyes. Reid had no intention of ever making her cry. He only wanted to see her happy, the way that she made him feel every minute of the day since they met.

“I was so scared that I almost lost Dante. I wouldn’t know how to go on with life without the both of you here with me.”

Reid moved closer between her legs and held her close until she stopped crying against his shoulder. Once she had calmed down he pulled away and kissed the tears away.

“I need you, Amber. I need to feel your skin against mine.” He knew Amber could see the pleading look in his eyes.

Amber began to slide her shoulder straps down her arms. She was wearing a light-blue cotton sundress this evening. Reid helped her pull the dress down her hips as she lifted her butt off the counter for him to take it off.

“Oooh Reid, the counter is cold.” She giggled.

Reid quickly disrobed and left his clothes in a pile next to her dress. He stood there watching her eyes as she observed him stroking his length. Amber pulled her legs up and placed her feet at the edge of the countertop. She then leaned back and braced her arm to steady her body.

“I’m going to take you fast and hard, honey. I can’t be gentle right now. My emotions are going haywire right now. I need to feel your silky pussy surround me. I have to know that after everything that happened today you are still here with me.”

* * * *

Amber could see Reid was trying to gather his self-control. She could still see the fear in his eyes. Reid needed confirmation that her presence was still here in his midst. Reid needed Amber.

“Take me anyway you need, Reid. I’m yours. I’ll always want you, Reid.”

Amber watched as Reid’s eyes flared in desire as he slid his cock to the hilt until he was fully imbedded inside her. Reid crashed his mouth against her lips as he held her body firmly against his. Amber’s pelvis met him thrust for thrust as their bodies grew closer and closer to release.

Reid pulled his mouth free. “Amber, I can’t get enough of you. My body craves yours.” His hands gripped her hips and raised them slightly so that he could pound her deep and hard.

Amber arched her body back as her head rolled to her shoulders. She was close. Amber knew Reid could feel her vagina walls constrict around his dick. Her pussy was holding him captive, and she couldn’t hold back any longer.

“Reid…I’m coming. Yes, oh God, yes!”

“Oh hell! I can feel your warm pussy milking my cock. That’s it, Amber…take…every…last…drop I have,” Reid said as he punctuated each word as he filled her with his cum.

Amber lay back on the counter as Reid pulled his dick from her body. He then leaned down and rested his head on her chest as they laid there for a minute, not speaking.

Amber allowed him to rest on her as she ran her fingers through his hair. They both needed this, needed to feel the connection with one another. Amber had a feeling things were headed in the right direction. Things happened for a reason. Amber knew everything that had happened to her since coming to Sunset Point was anything but coincidental. She was meant to spend her life with Dante and Reid. Once Dante was feeling better, Amber intended to have a heart to heart talk with the two men that now held the key to her heart. She needed to know where she stood if they were ever going to have a future together.

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Re: Erotic Book - HEARTS AND HANDCUFFS( Sunset Point by Erika Reed)

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Chapter Eleven

Dante had to smile. A week had gone by and his shoulder was fine after a few days of rest. Amber insisted on coddling him like a baby. He enjoyed it for the first few days, until she denied them both of sex until she was sure he was healed.

Reid was starting to grow as frustrated as he was. They had all slept night after night in the same bed together. But when it came to sex, Amber denied them for one excuse after another.

In the week since the accident, Dante had sat down and had some heart-to-heart talks with Reid when Amber was at work. Dante had told Reid he was considering retiring from Chicago P.D. and moving to Sunset Point permanently, but he wanted to talk to Reid about it first. They both agreed that they had fallen in love with Amber and wanted to make this arrangement work between the three of them.

Dante had called that day and told his chief of police that he was resigning as detective and was moving to Sunset to live with the love of his life and new best friend, Reid. Chief Williams wished him well and happiness in his new journey. Dante had told Reid that next week he was going to have to go back to Chicago to pack up his personal belongings to have them shipped to the island.

Reid and Dante had a special night planned out for Amber after she came home from work. Reid was now letting Amber drive the Mercedes to work since there was no longer a threat being held over her. Dante knew she was enjoying the beauty and freedom of Sunset Point Island. Something she was neglected of when she first came to the island.

It was after six when Amber walked in. Dante heard her kick off her shoes as she made her way into the kitchen.

“Mmm, something smells good.” She said as she walked into Dante’s embrace.

Dante leaned down and kissed her lips. His tongue played with hers until she pulled away.

“Where’s Reid?”

“I’m right here.” Reid said as he turned her into his body. He bent her body over his arm as he gave her a heated welcome home kiss that left her dazed as he released her body to stand.

“Wow! I like coming home to this greeting.”

Dante and Reid snickered. Amber left the kitchen to go change as Dante told her dinner was ready. Reid pulled the steaks off the barbecue as Amber walked into the kitchen ten minutes later. Reid decided to open a bottle of red wine to have with dinner. They enjoyed their meal on the patio as they watched the sunset go down for the evening. This was a daily ritual that they all seemed to share nightly with one another.

After polishing off the bottle of wine, the three of them helped clean up the dinner dishes and decided to sit and watch a movie on the couch.

Amber had rested her head in Dante’s lap as her feet lay on Reid’s lap. At some point during the movie Dante had noticed that Amber had fallen asleep. Dante woke her up and told her to go get in bed while he and Reid locked up the house.

When Dante and Reid entered their bedroom Amber was very much awake and waiting for them, naked in the middle of the bed. The comforter had been pulled down to the end of the mattress. Amber’s beautiful tan skin was gorgeous in contrast with the white sheets. Her thick auburn hair was spread wild against the pillow. And what surprised them the most was that Amber’s legs were bent and spread wide open so they could see her moist slit glistening with her wetness.

Dante tongue felt like it was on the ground. She was full of surprises. He knew for years to come she would always try new ways of blowing their minds with her sexual teasing and numerous ways to fulfill her fantasies.

“Well…well…well, what do we have here, Dante? It seems our girl here is feeling frisky and wants to play tonight. What’s the matter, honey, are you tired of holding out on us. You know that wasn’t very nice of you to deny either of us sex this week.”

Amber had a playful look in her eyes. Dante knew she was just as horny as they had been. This week had been hell on them all.

“I was only trying to make sure that your shoulder was healed properly before we tried anything sexual. How do you think I felt? You two are gods walking around here like sex-on-a-stick. Do you know how many times I wanted to go and take care of myself with my vibrator?”

Reid walked to his walk-in closet and came back a minute later holding a small white postal box. He then walked toward the bed and sat the box down. Reid then pulled out her butt plug and favorite vibrator.

“You mean these toys, honey?” He chuckled as he wiggled them in the air. “After the first night you withheld sex from Dante and I, I went to go find your toys and purposely hide them from you so you didn’t have the option to use them when you felt the need to.” Reid tapped his temple with his finger. “Way ahead of you, honey. If we weren’t getting off, then neither were you.”

Dante loved the playful banter between Amber and Reid. Things had become fun and exciting for them all in the past week. Everyone seemed to be more at ease with themselves and had opened up more with one another. Amber had asked Dante to join them as she and Reid walked the beach in the evenings and sometimes in the morning sunlight. It all still appeared like living in a fantasy world to Dante. Living on a paradise island where ménage lifestyle was welcomed and finally meeting the woman who would forever be his soul mate in life. Amber’s heart was so full of love and compassion that he never felt as though she loved Reid more than him. There was never an ounce of jealousy that either of them felt toward one another.

“I was looking for those today.” She pouted. Amber then shrugged her shoulders and slid her hand between her legs again and began rubbing circular motions to her clitoris. With her other hand she spread her pussy lips wide so that Reid and Dante could see her tantalizing pink, wet pussy.

“Keep your lips spread and give your clit a little spank for us, Amber.” Reid ordered.

Dante wasn’t wasting any more time. He started to unzip his shorts and kicked them in the corner. He then followed with pulling his T-shirt over his head and tossing it on top of his shorts. Reid looked at him from the corner of his eye and followed suit. They both now stood, naked with massive hard-ons for one sexy little minx.

Amber watched them the entire time they disrobed. Dante couldn’t help but notice she had dug her teeth into her bottom lip to keep from moaning as she touched herself. It was such a turn-on to watch her pleasure herself. Women knew what they liked and Dante was always intrigued in discovering new ways to seek out their pleasure.

Amber’s eyes were glossy with primal need. Dante could tell she was close. What Amber didn’t know was they planned for this to be a long, gratifying night for them all to enjoy. Reid and Dante were going to make her come so many times tonight before she passed out from pure exhaustion.

“Are you close, honey? Do you need for one of us to make you come?” Reid said as he fisted his hard-on. “Dante, grab the lube from the night stand. First we need to prepare her ass for my hard cock later on.”

“Oh God, yes!”

Dante could hear her voice thick with need as he walked to the other side of the bed and grabbed the lube from the drawer. He then threw it to Reid on the bed.

“Amber I want to insert this plug first. Come over here and face sideways at the edge of the bed. That way you can suck Dante’s cock as I prepare your ass for my invasion later.”

Dante walked to the foot of the bed and knelt on the sitting stool. He watched as Amber quickly scrabbled to Reid’s bidding. She opened her stance, wide and took hold of Dante’s shaft. Dante wanted to come just by the way her eyes were eating him alive. Amber licked all around her pink lips before taking his length into the back of her throat. Amber’s mouth was an oasis of pure ecstasy. She was so wicked with her mouth as the flat of her tongue slid along his shaft. Amber reached between his legs and fondled his balls.

Dante watched as Reid squeezed the lube on his fingers and the spot where he planned to take her for the first time. Reid inserted a finger into her anus. Amber moaned as Reid played with her sweet spot. Dante could tell by the way she was sucking his cock that she was enjoying Reid’s finger. Reid then pulled free and then added a second digit. Dante observed as Reid used his fingers to scissor so that he could widen her passage for the butt plug.

Amber was sucking at his cock like a greedy wench. Dante knew that she was going to find great pleasure once she was filled by both of them.

“I think you’re ready for the plug now, honey.” Reid said as he pulled his fingers free and wiped them with the small hand towel he had next to the bed. Reid then grabbed the lubed plug and began to penetrate her anus.

Amber whimpered around Dante’s erection as Reid slowly slid the lug in and out until it was fully seated deep inside her ass. Dante couldn’t help but appreciate the sight before him as he admired how beautiful she looked with her ass packed full with the plug.

“Now I want you to sit up on the edge of the bed here. I ordered you a surprise last week in the mail.” Reid stuck his hand inside the box and pulled out a pair of vibrating purple nipple clamps.

Dante watched as Amber’s eyes lit up. Yes, she knew exactly what those were.

“I have always wanted to get a pair of those. I read they’re quite stimulating for woman, like me, who enjoy having their nipples played with during sex.” Amber sat up straight which made her large, full breast stand proud and erect. She was ready for her new toys.

These nipple clamps were strung together, end to end. At the tip of the clamps were adjustable screws to adjust them to a comfortable fit.

Reid leaned down and took her breast into his mouth. As his other hand caressed and tweaked the other. He pulled his mouth free and lightly bit down on the tip causing her to shutter. Reid pinched her nipple as he clipped the first one on.

Amber groaned.

“Feel good, honey?”


Reid then pushed the button at the bottom of the clip which controlled the vibration. Amber’s body shuddered as Reid attached the second one the same way as the first.

Dante stared as Amber’s eyes were glazed over. She was obviously enjoying what they were doing to her sensitive breast.

“I need to taste her. Baby, I want you to lie down so you can suck Reid’s cock as I eat your sweet pussy. I bet your sweet nectar is seeping down your thighs now.”

Reid stepped aside to let Dante kneel between her legs. Reid crawled on the bed to kneel next to Amber’s head. Dante could see her wetness trickling down her thighs.

He inserted his fingers and found her pussy drenched. “Fuck! I bet you taste like heaven.” Dante licked her juices from her thighs as he nipped and bit along her inner thighs. He sucked her hard nub into his mouth as his fingers fucked her wet pussy. Dante could see that Amber had a hold of Reid’s dick and was bobbing her head up and down his length as she sucked him greedily into her mouth.

“You have the sweetest mouth, Amber. You sure do know how to make me go weak in the knees the minute you start sucking my cock.” Reid said between clenched teeth. “Oh man!” Reid looked down at her and said, “You sure do love to suck cock don’t you, Amber? You have become quite the surprise to Dante and I.” He reached down and swiped his thumb across her hollowed cheek. “You like being our naughty little cum whore, don’t you, honey?”

Dante could feel her walls tighten on his fingers. By the way Reid was talking to her she was on the verge of coming at any time. Dante massaged her G-pot and sucked her clit into his mouth as he felt her clamp down around his fingers. He continued to lick and suck her clit until her body stopped trembling from the electrifying orgasm she just encountered.

* * * *

Holy hell!

Amber’s body was still humming in delight. Dante had a wicked mouth and knew exactly when and how to make her come. She was thoroughly enjoying the intense sensation that the vibrating clamps were bringing her. They felt like a pinch of pain at the tip of her nipples as the vibration teased her senses.

Amber looked to see Reid and Dante stroking their hard cocks as they stared at her like starving men. Dante’s lips and chin were still shiny with her juices. They were both so strong and handsome. Amber’s could feel herself dripping between the crack of her ass as her pussy trembled in anticipation to feel their cocks inside her. She wanted Reid to replace the plug that sat snug deep within her ass with his thick membrane.

She watched as Dante walked toward the mirror that sat in the corner of the room. He picked it up and walked it closer to the corner of the bed.

“We want you to see how beautiful you look when we make love to you for the first time together.” Dante said as he leaned over to place a soft kiss on her lips.

Amber could taste her tangy, sweet flavor on his lips as she nibbled and licked them. Dante crawled on the bed and laid his head at the foot of the bed.

“Come here, Amber, and sit on my cock. It’s time we finally experience the feeling of what a ménage relationship will entitle for the rest of our lives.”

Amber smiled as she turned over and crawled to Dante. Dante looked up at her as he gave her one of his smoldering, sexy smiles. Amber looked as Reid climbed on the bed behind her. Reid took hold of the plug in her ass as he slowly pulled it free which left her body feeling naked.

She lifted her leg over his hips as her pussy hovered over his fat bulbous head. Amber lowered her body until her lips touched the head of his cock. Amber’s hands spread wide along his chest, sensing the texture of his broad, light dust of chest hair that led a small trail to his groin. She then slid the head of his shaft back and forth along her slit, teasing them both merciful.

“Stop teasing me, baby. You better sit that tight snatch on my hard cock before I make Reid turn that pretty pale ass of yours a nice shade of pink.”

Before she could respond, Reid had already given her cheek a good smack, causing her pussy to take Dante’s dick inside her pussy.

“I don’t think you want to torment us any further, Amber. We have waited too long to have you take away our control.”

Smack! Smack!

“Now, sit on Dante’s cock and fuck him like you want him.” He rubbed her cheeks when he spanked her. “God I love your ass, honey. You have the perfect ass. I can’t wait for my cock to be deep inside you,” Reid said his finger slid in and out of where his cock was about to occupy.

“Every time you spank her ass, her pussy clamps down on me.” Dante addressed Reid.

“I can’t wait until her muscles clamp down on my dick as I fuck this tight hole of hers. Lean forward some so I can spread your cheeks wide for my shaft.”

Amber loved the warmth of her cheeks from when Reid spanked her. Her pussy was clenching Dante’s length as he held her hips so that he could grind her pelvis into his groin. Dante released the clamps on her tits. Amber could feel the blood rushing back to her throbbing nipples. Dante lifted his head so that he could feather kisses along her perky breast.

The head of Reid’s dick was poking her hole. Reid was holding the head as he carefully inserted himself slowly into her ass. Amber’s ass was on fire. There was a slight burning sensation as he slid in and out of her puckered hole. Amber ass was on fire before she felt him break through the ring that made her want to scream in sheer desire.

This was what Amber had always dreamed of since the minute she met Dante and Reid. This was the bond that they all needed to share to make them complete. There was only a thin layer that separated them from one another. Amber knew at that moment she could never love anyone more than she did Dante and Reid.

Reid’s deep throaty voice rasped near her ear. “Look at us in the mirror, Amber. Can you see what it looks like as Dante and I are making love to your sweet body at the same time? Does it turn you on as much as it does us?”

Amber watched Reid’s reflection in the mirror. His smoldering eyes were staring back at her as he gripped her hips from behind as his body connected with hers. She couldn’t help but watch as Dante sucked on her tits as his cock slid deep within her. Amber prayed she never forgot this special time in her life when the men she had fallen in love with fucked her together as one for the first time.

Reid and Dante found their rhythm as they took turns thrusting in and out of her body. Dante was sucking on her inflamed breast as Amber dug her nails into his shoulders. Reid and Dante were doing all the work. She could no longer feel anything but the erotic sense of ownership as they took turns plunging deep inside her. Amber’s body was shivering uncontrollably. Reid was rubbing her back, murmuring sweet endearments so that only she could hear.

Amber’s pussy clenched as Dante rubbed his thumb, teasing her nub. She was on the verge of coming. Her body was packed so full of their thick cocks.

“Please…I’m going to come. I’m coming! Oh God, I love you both so much.”

Amber heard Dante grunt something before he shoved deep inside her as he filled her pussy full of his hot semen. Dante pulled her close to his chest as he said the words against her ear, “I love you, too, Amber.”

Reid grabbed her hips and thrust a few times before his body slumped over her back. Amber’s body fell on top of Dante’s.

“Reid you have to get off us. You’re too damn heavy,” Dante groaned in Amber’s ear.

Reid and Dante pulled their semi-flaccid cocks free from her body. Her body was pleasantly aching and wet with their seed. Reid pulled her body flush to his side as Amber’s head lay on Dante’s shoulder.

Reid finally got up and took the towel by the bed to clean between her legs. She watched from the corner of her eye as Reid then went into the bathroom to clean himself up. Amber took that time to close her eyes and rest against Dante’s side. Moments later she was awakened as Reid pulled her to lie on his chest. He was rubbing lazy circles on her side as she felt the bed dip as Dante also went to the bathroom to wash up.

Reid brushed Amber’s stray hair away from her face. She looked into his beautiful warm eyes before he said, “I love you, Amber. You can’t imagine how much I have wanted to say that to you since the first time I met you. I never thought I would ever say those words to another woman until I met you. Thank you for choosing me and Dante to love.”

Amber touched his face and placed a kiss against his lips, “I will never get tired of telling you and Dante how much I love the both of you.”

“God, I hope not.” Reid said with a smile.

The last thing Amber remembered was the feel of her two men as they wrapped their bodies around hers just before she feel into a deep slumber. They both took turns kissing her back and shoulders, praising her for being the wonderful woman that she was.