New horror story - HOSTEL ROOM

Contains all kind of sex novels in Hindi and English.
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Opening the door i ran out of the restroom as fast as i can all terrified . Running down the long corridor to leave the college premises as fast as possible .

THAT GIRL!!!! i thought and the thought itself shivered me.

I was running down the staircase to the ground floor when i heard my name being called

" Navya !!! Navya !!! " both Tanya and Sophie were shouting my name

I immedietly stopped there itself and masked my petrified expression with a normal one . Both of them came downstairs and ran towards me . Reaching near me both starting bombarting questions

"Navya are you ok yaar ? Did you got hurt huh? Why were you running ? ........ ........."

"Girls !! Girls !!!! Relax .... Have a breathe first . You both are literally panting . " i replied them with a weak smile

" Relax ??? Like really ..... when our friend just few minutes ago went through a accident and could have got hurt badly you want us to relax huh ? " said Tanya

"Could have got hurt right ?.... but look i am all fine here so relax now . " i replied her back with a smile

" but .... " Tanya was again going to speak but cutting her off i said
"Com'on yaar lets leave this topic now . I am getting hunger pangs here . Lets go to the cafeteria to have lunch . " i said
Now both Tanya and Sophie were looking at me like i am some sort of a weirdo and they should be after all a girl who had just got lucky from not getting hurt badly is all smiling and carefree rather than scared. Hope i am able to mask my face with a fake smile as i don't want to worry them about the incident happened to me few minutes ago . Both first looked at each other then looking at me smiled and agreed to have lunch . I released my holded breathe .

Thank god !!

After eating our lunch we went back to our hostel . We three were climbing the last staircase to our floor when suddenly don't know how my left leg got off track and i was going to fall down the staircase but was saved by Sophie as she was right behind me still my left foot got little hurt

"Navya .... are you all right ?"
Sophie asked
"Yea i am all right ..... thanks to my saviour . " i said to her with a weak smile as the thumbfinger of my left foot was paining . 1

" Are you serious !!! You have got your left foot hurt and are wincing in pain still you are saying am all right ??" Tanya was very angry this time and taking Sophie's help they both settled me on the last step of the staircase

"Show me your foot " Tanya spoke and started examining it whereas Sophie sat next to me giving me a side hug

"Thank god there is no swelling or bruise. Its a simple pain in the thumb nothing else . Let me handle it . I know how to get rid of these types of pain . " Tanya said and started massaging my left foot basically the thumb.
And seriously the pain had now atleast became bearable.
As Tanya was working on my foot Sophie was siting beside me and was talking to me when her phone starts ringing . Taking it out of her bag we both saw Sameer's (her boyfriend if you forgot) name was flashing on it .
I saw the hesitation on her face as she ignored his call . Keeping it on vibration she kept it back in her bag.
"Take his call Sophie ...." i said

"Its ok Navya i will call him later . Dont worry " Sophie replied

"No ... no... Sophie go take his call . He must be missing his girlfriend after all . Last night because of me your call was interrupted i can't let it happen again . Com'on take the call " i told her

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"But Navya ... i can't leave you like this ..... " she replied

"Yaar Sophie its a small injury nothing else . Dont worry as i have Dr. Tanya Sehgal here with me . You go and attend your boyfriend's call as he is getting desperate to hear your voice " i said with a chuckle as her phone was continously vibrating

"Oh.. this boy ... " and she blushed then picking up the call she went to the common room leaving both of us here on the stairs as Tanya was still working on my thumb .

"Magical fingers huh ? " i smiled at Tanya and she laughed

"Nothing like that .... its just my cousin is a physiotherapist and as my mom have a problem of joints pain so she told me how to remediate it . So i know little of it ."

"Nice ... thanks alot Tanya . I am not feeling any pain now . " i smiled at her . She left my foot placing it carefully on the floor then came and sat next to me

" I am getting so clumsy day by day " i chuckled

"No .... its not due to clumsiness . Its something else " Tanya replied

"Something else ? ..... what ?" i said on getting confused

" You are living in your dreamland more than in real land . Everytime thinking about someone. " she replied with a teasing smile

" What ?? What do you wanna imply ? " i asked her

"You know .... things going on between you and Ayush ?" She said while giving me a 'i know everything' look

"Oh... what ? Care to explain whats going on between me and Ayush ?"

" Oh com'on now don't give me that look . I know everything ok. All those winkings ,holding hands and then caring for each other and don't know what more."

"Its nothing like that Tanya . He cares for me as a friend and same goes with me thats it . "

"Nope .... i don't think so . Its more than being friends . I can read everything in your eyes . You like him right ???"

"Ummmm.. ummm.... actually ..... oh god yes i do maybe .... "

" See... see .... i told you . Your eyes are telling me everything and they are also telling me about the things you are hiding from me . " she replied with a seriously look this time

"What ?.. what are you talking about ?" i asked her although pretty much aware of what she was talking about

"You know Navya ... what i am talking about here . Tell me why were you running when we called you . And even when you tried to masked your expression still i was able to see how pale your face was .
What had happened to you back then Navya ??"
This time i wasn't able to control my emotions and was going to tell her everything when suddenly we heard my name being called and saw Divya one of our batch mate running towards us .
Seeing her running we both stood up .
What happened to her ?... i thought
"What happened Divya ? Why are you panic stricken ? "Tanya asked her

She turned towards me and said
"Nav... Navya .... your room mate sophie ..sophie "
It was all we heard and started running towards the common room . Reaching there we saw her lying down on the floor clutching her stomach tightly and was screaming in pain . Tears flowing down her cheeks.

Till now everyone reached the common room . We both bend down near her . I took her head and placed it on my lap stroking her hair while mummering 'its ok everything is going to be fine' where as Tanya was massaging her stomach a little but as she screamed again in pain Tanya took her hands off her stomach .

"What happened Sophie ?" Tanya asked and both of our eyes got moistened seeing our friend in such a state

"My .... is .....aaaaaahhhhhhh ..... its paining " and she again started crying loudly in pain

Soon our warden and some other people maybe from the hospital came with a stretcher with them . And placing Sophie on the stretcher they took her to the hospital in our campus .

Both me and Tanya even Divya trailed behind them to the hospital and soon even Ayush ,Nakul ,Varun and Aakash came to the hospital when they got to know about Sophie .

Sophie was taken inside the room where they were examining her .

Hope she gets well soon !!!!..... i prayed to god

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Hi guys ..... i am really sorry for the late update . Kinda held up . I read your comments . Thanks alot for them . And i am really very sorry for not updating fast . This was for the first time you people asked for an update and i wasn't able to give you that :(:(
But here i am now with a new update for all you :):):)
I took some time out only to update the chapter for you all and did it as fast as possible . So you will definetly come acrosss loaaaddz n loaaaddzzz of mistakes . Kindly ignore them .
Hope this chap live up to your expectations. Do let me know by your votes n especially comments .
Have a nice reading .
-JustAWink ;)


We all were waiting outside the room where Sophie was being examined . It was after few hours doctor came out of the room with a nurse. Reaching near them i asked

" Doctor hows our friend ?"

"Your friend is suffering from stomach ulcer . "


Both me and Tanya saw each other than averting our eyes back to the doctor we both spoke simultaneously

"Stomach ulcer !!!" utterly confused

"Yes .......but don't worry she's okay now and is having rest . Will get all fine in few days ." then he continued

"i can't understand why you kids don't get it that eating hot and spicy food is not good for your health especially when you know that you are prone to hyperacidity.
Anyways ... where are her parents ? "
"Sir... she is from Goa and we haven't called her parents yet. Actually we were waiting for the reports .... i mean... if you want we can call them ??? "Tanya replied

"Yes... ofcourse ... why haven't you informed them yet . They should be aware ..."

"They are being informed doctor ...." said Divya
" I mean..... our warden have called them . They must have left for delhi till now . Will reach here till night hopefully . "
"Hmmm... ok ... Whenever they reach if i am in the hospital ask them to meet me and if not then ' ll meet them tommorrow morning . I want to have few words with them .. ok ?" 1

We all nodded a yes . Shaking his head the doctor went away with the nurse trailing behind him and we all settled ourself back on the chairs kept there in the corridor.

"Hyperacidity !!!..... she never told us about it " i spoke

"Hmmm.... but thanks to god that now she is ok . " Ayush said and we all nodded in positive


Soon after few hours we were able to meet Sophie . So me and Tanya went inside the room where Sophie was laying on the bed . Seeing our friend so weak are eyes got filled . Reaching near her bed i sat on the chair placed next to the bed whereas Tanya settled herself on the edge of the bed .

"Why didn't you told us about you suffering with hyperac....... " Tanya started the conversation but i stopped her mouthing a 'NO' and then averted my eyes towards Sophie . Giving her a small smile i spoke

" How are you feel'n now ?"

Giving us both a weak smile she said
" I am so sorry ..... i should have told you about this all.
I mean ...... i never thought it will lead me towards this situation . Honestly ....... i have always been on safe side never ate so spicy or something heavy which is difficult for me to digest . But don't know how this........ "
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"Its ok Sophie .... please don't stress yourself . It will only worsen your state . Ok??"

She weakly nodded her head and gave us both a smile .
After talking to her for some more time.... actually it was me and Tanya talking while Sophie was listening to our blabbering we both came out of the room and saw an unknown face talking to Ayush .
He saw us coming outside and came towards me with that unknown female trailing behind him .
"Navya ..... she is Tina ..... Sophie 's cousin . " he said

" oh..... hi... i am Navya ..... her roommate and she is Tanya ." I greeted her

" Hi... i am really very sorry for being late . Actually i was in a meeting and my phone wasnt with me . So after the meeting i saw my uncle's miss call and then got to know about Sophie . So without wasting any more time i came here and her parents are also on there way here . Will reach early morning . BTW hows she ? Can i meet her ? "

"Its ok ..... she is fine now but is little weak . And about meeting her ... right now doctor is attending her after that you can ask him . " i replied

"Oh ..... ok . Thanks alot you all for being with her. Thank you so much . " she said with a smile

And we all smiled back .

Few minutes later doctor came out and told us about her health . We all got a relief that she is ok now but have to stay in hospital for atleast few days . And then he asked Sophie 's cousin Tina to meet him in his office . So Tina left from there whereas me and Tanya told all our friends to go back to hostel as they all must be tired. First they were reluctant to leave us alone her but then soon got convinced .
Before leaving Ayush came towards me . Taking my right hand in his. He said
"If you like ever in need of anything ..... remember i am just a call away. Ok?" i nodded at him and heard someone started coughing right behind me and Ayush immedietly dropped my hand back

"I ...... mean any of you..... or Sophie needed anything .... "
Ayush said while scratching his back of the head
"Yea.... yea ... sure Navya..... imean we both will definetly call you . "Tanya replied with a smirk

Soon they all left and after Tina came back from doctors office she also told us to go back to our hostel as we had our college next day . So we both went back to our hostel.

As we reached our floor i requested Tanya to sleep in my room as so many things happened with me today due to which i dont want tosleep alone to which Tanya happily agreed .


Next morning we decided to pay a visit to the hospital before going to college but we weren't able to as we slept at 4 am and woke up just 30 minutes before are college starts that too because of our batchmates who were knocking on our door to know Sophie's well -being .

After attending the college we all friends went straight to the hospital to meet Sophie and saw her cousin Tina coming out of Sophie's room with two men and a woman with her.
May be Sophie 's parents we ....i thought .
Reaching near we all greeted them and Tina introduced us to them .
And indeed they were Sophie's parents and the other male was Tina's dad.
After meeting them we asked them about Sophie to which they told us that she was just now given the medicine and is now sleeping .

So we all decided to meet her afterwards and went back to our respective hostel .

After taking some sleep in the afternoon as we didnt had a nice sleep at night and having dinner both me and Tanya went to see Sophie .
We reached her floor and saw no one outside her room . Reaching near her room we saw her mom siting inside talking to Sophie from the huge window so we knocked at the door and entered .
Greeting her mom we both settled ourself near her and started talking . While talking to her i saw how much exhausted her mom was . So we both told them to have some rest .
"Aunty please ...... atleast have a nice sleep . You seriously need one . " Tanya insisted

"Its ok ...... beta (my child) am good here . I can't leave her alone . I will sleep on the sofa if they allowed me to . You don't worry " Sophie 's mom replied

"There 's no need of it aunty . You n uncle should have some rest . And about Sophie ... she won't be left alone. We both will be here and may be our other friends are also coming here . So don't worry ." i replied her

Soon the nurse entered inside and told us to leave as Sophie has to sleep .So we all came out and saw both Sophie n Tina 's dad siting on the chair . Aunt went near to her husband and told him about us insisting on taking rest .
But uncle being stubborn didn't approved it . He went to the hospital authorities and took the permission to be with Sophie at night in her room . Which was granted!
Atlast Sophie 's dad went inside her room and settled himself on the sofa whereas he made his wife go to have rest at Tina's house and come in morning .
And both me and Tanya sat on the chair outside the room for some time .
I talked a little with my parents on the phone and told them about Sophie . And mom being mom blamed everything on the college authorities and also scolded me to stop eating from the canteen .And hence lecture started. Moms you know!!
After talking to them i came back to my seat
"Lecture ..." Tanya asked
And i nodded my head in positive
"Same here ..... " she sighed
and we both giggled
We talked for a while then don't know when we both drifted off to sleep . It was then i woke up hearing my phone ringing . Taking it out of my pocket i saw Ayush name flashing on it .
"Who's phone is it ??" Tanya said while rubbing her eyes

"Ayush ." I replied

"Ohhh " she replied with ateasing smile and went back to sleep and i picking up the phone stood up from my chair and went down the corridor


"Hello .... ummm Navya

" hmmm.... What happened Ayush ?"

"Nothing just wanted to know hows Sophie doing "

" oh.... she is sleeping right now . Anything thing else ?"

"Ummm.... yes .. ummm.... should i come there ?"

"Your wish !!"

"Ok...ok... i ll be there . Just give me 10-15 minutes ."

"Ok bye "

"Bye .. i ll be there "

Cutting the phone i smiled while Shaking my head .
And settled myself near the huge window. Suddenly i felt little thirsty and to my left i saw a huge water cooler so went towards it . Reaching there i took one disposable glass and flled it with water .
And gulped the whole content in one go then again filled it till the top and drank it .
Darn.. i was so thirsty !!
Throwing the glass in the dustbin . I took another one for Tanya and placed it under the tap . As i was watching the glass getting filled i heard someone's heavy breathe near my ear . Turning around i saw no one .
What was that ???..... i asked myself
Shaking my head i turned my head back to the glass and saw water flowing out of it down on the floor
Shit !!
Turning off the tap i took the glass in my hand and started walking back towards Sophie's room . While walking i again heard someone breathing . On turning around again no one .
I got really scared and started walking faster . Again heavy breathing .... and this time it was loud and clear . Like ... like some one was having difficulty in breathing .
And it was coming from the corridor to my right . May be somebody there need a help.... i thought and started walking there . I saw a room to my left which was locked and the light were off . Then i went to the room situated on the right and from the huge window of the room i saw a person there lying on the bed who was struggling in breathing as his / her chest was moving up n down abnormally .
I saw here n there for some help . May be this person need a doctor . But as i was right now standing in the most secluded area of the hospital mostly for VIPs or any person from this hospital or college i saw no one around .
As i was watching that person worriedly suddenly that person saw me watching and started slowly raising the hand as if calling me . Not giving it a second thought i turned the door knob and entered inside . On entering inside i placed the glass filled with water on the table and moved towards that patient .
"What happened ?? Do.... do .. u need something ??" I asked

Stupid how can that person reply on wearing an oxygen mask .... i scolded myself

"Do .. u ...need me to call doc.."

Oh god Navya what are you thinking idiot ... just call the doctor . Can't see that person's state .

Then i saw the bell near the bed .
"Let me ring the bell..... someone will definetly come "

I went towards the bed and placed my finger on the bell to pressit down . But it wasn't going down
WTF!!!! What happened to this bell
I again pressed it but it seems that the switch was jammed . I was again n again trying to press the switch down when suddenly that person grabbed my wrist .

I turned around the person and saw her head was fully covered by a huge bandage and half of the face with a huge oxygen mask . The face was badly bruised . Only eyes were seen . Eyes.... blood red eyes out of which liquid was flowing down the cheeks
Then i saw long black hair at her back .
A Female !!!!!!
She was crying holding my wrist tightly .
Aaaaahhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!.... i screamed
Then i realised she was piercing her nails inside my flesh . I started pushing her using my other hand. Her hold on my wrist tightened leading me to scream in pain . I started pushing her harshly . And soon i succeeded as she dropped her hand.down and i ran out of the room as fast as possible. Still hearing her heavy breathe .
Tears flowing down my.eyes i ran back towards Sophie 's room . Reaching near her corridor i heard some one screaming . Then i saw Tanya running towards me .
"Navya..... Soph...... Sophie ...."

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Tears flowing down my eyes i ran back towards Sophie 's room . Reaching near her corridor i heard someone's scream . Then i saw Tanya running towards me .
" Navya....... Sop...... Sophie..." Tanya's voice croaked even her eyes were moist

She came near and hugged me and started speaking

"Navya ..... i dont know what happened but few min.........."

I didn't know what Tanya was saying as my eyes were glued on Sophie 's parents who were standing some distance ahead from us infront of her room. Her mom was crying whereas her father was consoling her .
Doctors and nurses were running in and out of the room .
Listening to her mom's continous cries i myself started crying again .
Tanya broke the hug and cupping my face spoke
"Navya ... navya stop crying please . She 'll be all fine . Our friend is very strong . Have trust on god . "
Even her own voice croaked a little at the end and few tears slipped down her cheeks . Wiping them away she started wiping my tears stained cheeks with the back of her hand
"Lets have some water first and then we 'll take some for Sophie 's parents too "
Taking my right hand she started dragging me down the corridor and took me near to the same water cooler from where few minutes ago i had water.
Making me sit at the nearby chair in that corridor she went to get some water . I was sitting there absentmindly ..... engrossed in my own thoughts when suddenly wind outside started blowing wildly breaking my chains of thought . As few windows of the corridors were open the fans in the corridor started moving a little and even few light bulbs started flickering .
I was watching all that when suddenly i realised that it was the same corridor where that patient ............
Then i saw the door to that same room was opening from inside and someone's shadow was clearly visible down on the floor infront of the room .
Seeing this i instantly stood up from the chair and moved around to run from there when got clashed with someone
"I am sorry" i heard a male voice. Then averted my gaze upwards i saw a tall man infront of me
Wait a min!!! Have i seen him before ?.... i thought
"Wait a sec ..... i have seen you before . Isn't it ?...... ummmm.... Wait ... are you Nakul's batchmate ??" he asked

Oh.... i remember .. Nakul's MS senior
So i replied him with a weak nod.
"I am really very sorry . Actually i am getting late for my duty so i was running absentmindly ." then continued

"Myself Manav Sharma... i heard about you friend ....... hope she gets well soon . " he said with a weak smile

I again nodded my head but didn't uttered a single word as i was struggling alot in controlling my emotions . If i at anytime opened my mouth the first thing which will come out would be a loud sob and tears from eyes . Which i don't want .

As if sensing that i am not in a good state to be talked with right now he took his que to leave and was turning to leave when i saw a folder in his hand .

Maybe its the file which contain detail about all the patient of this floor!! Maybe he knows about that patient!!
Maybe he can help her!!
Maybe .......
After gathering a little courage within me i spoke
"Sir....." hearing my voice he stopped walking and turned around
I continued....
" Sir ..... i want to.... a... ask you som... something . Can i ?"
Giving me a weak smile he said "Yes...... ofcourse you
can . "
"Sir ... there is this patient . She really needs a doctor right now . "

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"Are you talking about your friend ??"

" sir its not about Sophie .... she .... she ... i saw her in that room..... the last one ." I said while pointing my finger towards the corridor

"That room !!! .... Room No.100 . But ..... " then he started checking the pages stacked in the folder. After seeing the content on it he averted his eyes at me then back to the paper and then again at me and said
"But ..... hows it possible .... bcoz no patient is being mentioned here of room no. 100. That means the room is unoccupied. "
"WHAT!!!.... but ..but i saw ..."
and i started walking towards the room with Dr. Manav following me .
Reaching near the room i opened the door and saw the empty bed and a sweeper there cleaning the room . Seeing us at the door he came near us

"Where's the patient ? " i enquired him as soon as i came near us

"Which patient Madam?" the sweeper asked

"The one who was laying here on the bed few minutes ago "

"What are you saying madam . This room is vacant from the past 3 days . I everyday come here to clean the room at this time . " he replied back

" No... no.... no you are lying . I myself saw a girl laying here . She was in a very critical state . I....... "

"Hey listen ..... if there was a patient in this room then where is she now ??" Dr. Manav asked me

"Doctor.... i don't know .... i .. i just saw a girl here . She was breathing abnormally . Sir ..sir she was ....." this time the tears which were on the verge to fall started streaming down my cheeks

"Rameshwar ..... you carry own with your work . " sir said to the sweeper to which he nodded and then Sir looked at me and said

"Listen ... it was all your illusion . You are already under so much tension regarded your friend's health . I can clearly see that on your face . Thatswhy you are imagining things nothing else . And ....." suddenly something started beeping and i saw Manav sir taking out the pager from the pocket of his apron.

"Shoot !!!!! I got so late . Need to leave . Will meet you afterwards. Please don't think to much . Just relax " saying this he left from there . Soon the sweeper also left after locking the room and i was left alone there in the corridor crying .

I again saw the now empty bed from the huge window and then saw the marks on my wrist . Reaching near the window i placed both of my hands on either side of the window glass then leaned my head on it and closed my eyes for few seconds

'Again illusion ..... how is it possible? ..... but ... but i saw her and ...and these marks . What about them??...' i thought
Then opened my eyes and with a jerk i landed on the wall behind me harshly all terrified due to which my head got hurt badly because i saw .......
Saw her..... the same patient laying on the bed and was looking at me . She raised her hand like earlier to call me inside .

She was again taking those heavy breaths . I somehow supported myself and ran from there. Running down the corridors and staircase . Pushing one or other person coming in my way . Coming out of the hospital i heard my name being called but least bothered about it i ran straight to the girls hostel . Reaching the hostel i climbed the stairs as fast as possible not bothered about our warden calling my name. Then reached my floor and ran to my room . Opening the door to my room i immedietly closed it behind me and slide down the door hugging my knees close to the chest and closed my eyes . Thinking about what happened with me few minutes ago



I don't know why but since morning i was getting this bad feeling that something worst is going to happen because of which i was feeling restless. So i called Navya to know whether they all are ok .


"Hello.........ummmm Navya"

" hmmm ...... what happened Ayush ?"

"Nothing just wanted to know hows Sophie doing "

"Oh... she is sleeping right now . Anything else ?"

"Ummm.... yes.... ummmm should i come there ?"

"Your wish !!"

"Ok.. ok i 'll be there just give me 10-15 minutes "

"Ok bye "

"Bye . I'll be there "
and she hung up the call
As i was strolling on the terrace of our boys hostel building i came down to my room to take my wallet . As soon as i entered inside a pillow came straight onto my face .

"Whooaaaah.... what happened man!! " and saw an aggressive room mate of mine
"Dude these girls you know" Varun replied pulling his hair in anger
Ahhhhh..... girlfriend problems !!!!

After listening to his blabbers for dont know how much long and when he became a little calm taking it as my que i left the room to visit Navya at the hospital. On my way i saw the time on my phone

Shoot !!! It took almost one hour
Darn Varun!!!!
What will Navya think of me now ......
Shit !shit!
Thinking this i literally ran to the hospital. Reaching the reception area i heard my name being called . On turning around i saw my senior Vivek Sir there
While talking to him i saw Navya running down the staircase crying . Pushing every person out of her way and left the hospital premises.

"Navya .....Navya ....." i shouted her name but she didnt listened as she was now already out of the hospital . I got so worried and ran behind her calling her name again n again but she didnt stop and soon entered her hostel .

As i cant enter inside i took my phone out and started calling her but her phone was switched off
Then i called Tanya . After two rings she picked up and even her voice felt like she was crying .
What happened to them .....i thought
After telling her everything Tanya told me that she is on her way to the hostel so i waited for her .
Soon she arrived and went inside the hostel and asked me to go back to mine so that i wont get caught by their guard and She 'll let me know about Navya soon.
So i left from there and went to the basket ball court as i was not in mood of going back to my room .


I didn' t know from how long i was sitting like this crying my heart out . Thinking about that girl and her ......
HER EYES..... those eyes
It ... it felt like i have seen them before .
Why they felt familiar?? +
What is happening with me and .... and why me ????

I saw the marks she gave on my wrist . Tracing my finger on them i closed my eyes in pain letting the tears streaming down .

Why me ????...... was the only thing that conquered my mind right now