Shalini Trapped - English sex adventure story -

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Re: Shalini Trapped - English sex adventure story -

Unread post by sexy » 22 Oct 2015 03:55

Vicky: good, you hold the cock good. Ha ha

(Shalini looks down, not knowing what to say)

Vicky: Now be a good girl like you have been.

Vicky: Now Shalini, I would require your introduction.

Shalini: you know me, then why this?

Vicky: to satisfy me, do you have any problem?

Shalini: (thinks what problem she will have introducing herself) I am Shalini, 2 nd yr student B COM (hons)

Vicky: wait, I want you to introduce yourself as a slut today.

Shalini: WHAT!!!

Slassshhhhh (a slap lands across the face of Shalini, who is caught unaware this time and hence taking a hard one. She stands stunned and resigned. And tears form in her eyes and silently roll down her one cheek while she cups her tormented cheek in her hand.)

Vicky: Next tie you do not follow order, we will have some guys come in and slap you like this. And they like things more than slapping. Will you like to follow my orders?

(Shalini nods meekly)

Vicky: good, smile now.

(Shalini tries to force a smile, but breaks down in tears)

Vicky: you want another slap, I SAID SMILE!

(Shalini tries her best and smiles with a tear still flowing down her cheek. She thought it was only a day and then she could be free. Why not try to keep this man happy and it may be easy)

Vicky: good girl, now introduce yourself as my slut and make it very sexy. If I do not like it in one go, I will call some people in. START now (Vicky roared)

Shalini: (pauses and thinks, what does a slut say? She never thought of it. it was so difficult) I am your whore, Shalini is my name. You come to me and I will please you, my master.

Vicky (claps): wow. You sound like an excellent slut. Ha ha

(The comment left Shalini stunned. However she herself thought she had made a good attempt to bad words)

Vicky: Now tell us about yourself. I mean you body. Your figure, in detail. And make it sexy and do not make me repeat what I say.

Shalini: (pauses again t think what to say) : my figure is 36 – 28 – 38. I am plump as you see and I am tall 5’9 in height. I love to look simple and wear conservative clothes.

Vicky: Now are you wearing bra?

(Shalini could not bear this time and lost her temper a bit)

Shalini: of course, I am.

Vicky: (just loosening his belt) next time you are impolite, u will get this belt on your body.

Shalini: (controlling herself) yes I am wearing my bra.

Vicky: describe your bra

Shalini: describe? What do you mean?

Vicky: just describe your bra. And tell me it has lace or not.

Shalini: (seemingly getting impatient again. This was too humiliating for her, but controlling) I am wearing plain white cotton bra. 34 size. It has a thin lace.

Vicky: you said your size is 36, but why are you wearing 34 size?

(Shalini used to wear 34 size because tight bra made her boobs seems bigger and tight. Though she was a conservative gal, but still she enjoyed looking big boobed)

Shalini: (She was not ready for the sudden question) because.. because.. we are very poor and it is an old one. (She lied)

Vicky: ha ha..

(Shalini looked down. Humiliated beyond her imagination)

Vicky: I think you are lying.

Shalini: (I an spontaneous response) NOOOO, I am not

Vicky: I think you are. I think you are wearing a black bra.

Shalini: (relieved he was not too much concerned about her size thing) I am wearing white one. I swear.

Vicky: (in a cool tone) ok then, SHOW ME.

Vicky: show me your bra.

Shalini: please no. I beg you, do not do this to me.

Smacccckk (the belt flew through the air and stung hard to meaty thighs of Shalini)

Shalini: ah (all she could do was whimper as a tear escaped her eye. She could not shout, as she could not risk it to be heard outside the bathroom.)

Shalini: please someone may come. I will go and get my remove my undergarments in girl’s toilet and give you.

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Re: Shalini Trapped - English sex adventure story -

Unread post by sexy » 22 Oct 2015 03:56

Vicky was enjoying her plight. He saw his victory as she was not bargaining for her undergarments but for the place to remove it. But he was not to be moved)

Shalini: (as she rubbed her thigh for the hot pain the belt had caused) please.

Smackkkkk (her please brought another blow, this time landing on back of her hand which was runbbing the right thigh. She whimpered again and almost danced her hands as if trying to throw away her pain)

Vicky: why don’t you want it to be over fast and you get away quickly? Why do you want me to call some people in? Should I call?

Shalini: No no. (she tried to pull off the shoulders of her new pink suit, and showed Vicky the bra strap) see, it is white.

Vicky: ha ha.. I want to see the whole bra. And do not pull your kurta to tear it off. Just remove it.

(Shalini waited for a second for some mercy. But she did not find any words to request. She remembered the early she did, less chance it stood for someone to find her in here)

(Shalini just glanced at Vicky with pleading eyes and then she simply dropped her dupatta. For the first time in his life, Vicky had seen such big boobs, and they were like captured melons waiting to be freed. )

Vicky: wow

(Though Shalini had decent cut in her kurta, the kurta was designed to be tight. She felt like Vicky’s eyes were piercing her dress. She seemed to be nude in front of him. She was crying silently. And first tear fell this time on her boobs.)

Vicky: good.. Beautiful, now the kurta. Take it off.

Shalini: No. please

(Vicky just sighed, looked the other way and raised his belt suddenly to hit another blow. Agin it hit on the same spot as the first one. Shalini knew she could not stand another blow without shouting in pain. Her thigh and specially her hand stung with the previous blows)

Shalini(immediately) NO NO.. wait.. I will do.

(automatically her hands went to the hem of her kurta. Though she was wearing a slip inside, but still this could mean showing a considerable skin to her master. She felt ashamed of doing it, but she had no choice)

(She just gripped hem of the Kurta and started to raise her kurta. She wanted to do it quickly, but then she heard Vicky voice)

Vicky: slowly. Take it off inch by inch, in a slow motion. Or you want a hit. Seem you are fond of having one.

(Shalini had no option but to slow down. She moved inch by inch. Each moment seemed to be an eternity to her. She wanted to speed things up, but her mind was afraid of another blow of pain)

(Vicky enjoyed the show just 2 feet from him. He was getting a hard on. The kurta moved up and up. It revealed her pink chudidar. Vl could see the dark outline of her thigh. Kurta climbed more up. It was almost to unveil her crotch covered in her tight pyajama when the slip came. Vicky cursed the slip. He vowed revenge on the slip for coming in the view, but he knew soon he will be overcoming the silly slip. The kurta moved more up. The slip was roughly sewed and was torn at places. As kurta reached the top of her pyajama top hem (above the place where she tied the pyajama,) Vicky could see the darkness of her soft tummy in contrast with her pale bright pyajama below her slip. A big hole in the slip over her waist also showed a patch of area where her tummy met the pyajama. Vicky imagined the spot where her belly button would be. Vicky felt a hard on tearing his own pants. He put his hands in his pants and adjusted his own
cock. By the time Shalini kurta had passed bottom of her bra and was continuing it’s journey upwards. The globes of Shalini ‘s big boobs made the climb of kurta more slower. Vicky could see that the slip had a deep cut at the sides below her armpits. The side of the WHITE bra showed there. But Shalini continue to raise her kurta, whereby the boobs came into glorious mounds covered in her slip and arrested by her tight bra. Soon the slip split into two.)

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Re: Shalini Trapped - English sex adventure story -

Unread post by sexy » 22 Oct 2015 03:56

Vicky: woww

(The split in the slip showed Vicky the gorgeous valley between her boobs. Vicky knew he could see just a little of the big cleavage, but it was something he had never seen before. That too so near. The kurta moved up and up. It was now covering Shalini ‘s face. Her hands were raised abover her head holding her tight kurta. She could not see anything now since kurta was over her face. Soon the bra straps mis-aligned below the slip straps came into view)

Vicky: wait Shalini,

(This was the time Vicky waited for. Shalini was confused, but before she could do anything, the belt came crashing on the rise of her boobs. Slashhhhh. Slasshhhhh. Two ful power blows to her boobs were too much for her. She let out a scream)


(In utter confusion and desperate to cover her boobs, her hands came down to protect her mammary from further onslaught and pain. The desperacy and tightness of kurta made her kurta stuck around her neck. It was a trap for her. Her head was trapped in the kurta, but her hands were down. She could not see anything. Her hands were protecting her boobs. Soon one more blow landed on her arms. And on her slip covered tummy. She was desperate. She screamed, turned around and ran to seeming corner (she could not see anything) with
her back to Vicky running, she just collided with the urinal in her inner right thigh and same time another swaaashhh landed behind on her skimpy slip clad back. Her torn slip on her back, revealed the bra hooks and upper part of her sexy back. She collapsed on her knees. Her head was almost in the urinal. Incidentally this was the same urinal in which Vicky had peed with she herself holding his
cock. Thank god, she could not see or she would have died of shame. She could smell the strong urine smell, but right now she was more worried about the continuous whipping of her back. She slowly collapsed on the floor. One by one about 10 sharp blows. She squirmed like a fish out of the net. Her hands and head were entangled in her own Kurta. She could not see anything. One last
blow hit her buttocks. She squirmed in pain. After that there was silence. Only thing that could be heard was her rapid deep breathing. Then she started sobbing. Vicky had sense of victory on his face)

Vicky: I hope this will teach you to obey me.

(Shalini was silent. She was in utter pain from the lashings. She lay curled up on the dirty bathroom floor. Her head and hands entangled in her own garment. Suddenly Vicky grabbed hem of her Kurta and began pulling.)

Shalini: Ohhh..

(Shalini knew she could not afford her garment to be torn. Vicky pulled hard. This caused Shalini to be dragged along the bathroom floor. Her arms were in the air. And head inside the Kurta still. Slowly she was being dragged several feet in circle by Vicky. Slowly her face came out of Kurta and then her head appeared. Then slowly her long choti abruptly got pulled out of her Kurta. She had disgusting look on her read, tear clad face. She was in pain. Things were going too fast and against her. She then struggled to get her arms outside the Kurta, first the right then the left. And the Kurta separated from her body. Shalini fell flat on the bathroom floor)

(now her Kurta was in Vicky hands and she was clad in semi torn slip, and her pyajamas. Vicky held the Kurta in his stretched arms and reviewed it. He had a smile on his face. A cruel smile of victory.)
Shalini lay on the floor. She was all curled up and sobbing. Her Kurta, which till few minutes ago covered her shoulders, now hung on the shoulders of Vicky. She was wearing her roughly torn slip, which exposed lot of her back. Vicky could see her skin on her back, couple of red lines which were from the belt bashing she had received and the hook of her bra which peeped out of her torn slip.

Now it was turn of her long choti, that lay on the ground. Vicky grabbed it and pulled.

Shalini: eeeeeeeeeee

(Vicky pulled and pulled. He started to wrap her choti on his hands. This exerted more pressure on her head and she started to rise. On her knees. Her hands were crossed on her chest and the other on her face, expecting a slap anytime from her master. Vicky pulled harder on her strong choti and this forced her to move her hands off her face to the root of her choti to relieve some of the pressure Vicky was applying by pulling. She was squeaking, as her thighs and her boobs and her back and her hands were burning with the beating she just received. Her hem of her rough slip had also rolled up a bit to expose her crotch covered in her tight pyajamas. However she did not notice that. Her mind was on the pain and more than that she was thinking what was coming up next. She was on her feet now. She was slumping a bit because of the pain in her thighs and back, but Vicky was still applying lot of pressure on her choti. And her hands were still trying to relieve the pain by pulling back on the root of the choti. She face was just inches from Vicky but still she was trying to maintain the distance. However she could not look into eyes of her captor and she looked down)