actress sex story - The Busty Rand Of Bollywood

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actress sex story - The Busty Rand Of Bollywood

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I am a fashion photographer in mumbai n runs a very famous studio. Most of my client r big celebrities. On day when i was sitting alone in my studio (all my staff went to an outdoor location for a shoot). Suddenly i heard a koncking sound on the front desk of my studio. Then i heard the most beautiful voice in the world. “hello, is there anyone here”???? I thought where did i have heard this voice???? To find out i went outside on the direction of the voice, as i reached the front desk i was amazed to see the sexiest rand of the whole fucking bollywood. It was none other than kareena kapoor itself. As i saw her i instantly got an hard on. She was wearing a tight blue denim. It was looking like that the jeans would tear off & her huge round ass would come out. The jeans was so tight. And the white top was see through and her baby pink half cut bra was clearly visible. The top was also so tight that it was clearly marking the outline of those sexy firm tits of kareena. I was standing their for a minute or so but couldn’t say a word. I was mesmerized by her beauty. Then suddenly i was brought to sense by the sexy voice of the big ass rand… “excuse me, r u ok”?? I said “yeah i m alright, i was not expecting someone like u in my studio…i jst lost my sense for a second or so wen i saw u” she asked “why wats the matter”???? I said “nothing its jst that u r such a famous star n its very rare that a star like u visits a studio like mine” i was trying to make her proud of herself by prasing her extensively. “please come in, tell me how can i help u”??? I asked her. She walked inside the studio n i closed the door n followed her. As she walks i could clearely see the outline of her panty on her tight blue denim. Her ass chicks moved from one side to another as she walked towards my office. I was so horny at that time that i was even ready to rape her if she resists me but i somehow controled myself from doing that. As we entered my office i asked her to sit n again asked her that how can i help her. She was kind of looking angry from her facial expression but her pearl white face and the red lipstick was looking so sexy that i didnt focus towards her furstation. She said “i m a bit frustrated”. I asked her why. She said “i m not getting good offers from any big banner, i dont know wat do these directors want from me. I have played prostitude, i m ready to expose, i have given onscreen kisses but still these poeple wont cast me in their film. M i not sexy enough”??? I said “r u kidding me, u r the most beautiful n sexy actresses i have ever see on the silver screen of indian cinema”. She shouted “then y the hell these bastards dont give me any work, they r casting new chicks like that randi hansika motwani in big budget films but they r not even approaching me for a small role or an item number” i was shocked to hear such vulgar language from her but it was also making me more horny. As she got more n more angry her faced turned pink n i felt like licking her whole face but i have to control myself. She continued “i even slept with a bunch of directors but sitll i m not getting work, i dont know wat the randi’s like priety n rani do to get work regularly” i some how controlled myself n said “please calm down u have got everything that is needed to be an actress but u jst need a right opportunity n u will rule this industry”. As she heard me she calmed down a bit n said “i need ur help, i m auditioning for a new yash raj movie, “tashan” n i need a hot n revealing profile to show to the director n producer so that i get the movie” i said ok dont worry. Kareena: do u have any experience of this kind of photoshoot? Me: yes i have, some of the actresses asked me to do such photoshoots before also. Kareena: who r they?? Me: i dont tell anyone about my client but u r special so i can tell u about them. A number of actresses like celina jately, mehgna naidu, riya sen, amisha patel, amrita arora, sameera reddy, mallika sherawat, tanushree dutta, bipasha basu, udita goswami etc. Have done a complete nude photoshoot with me. Some of them also did some hot n erotic photoshoot with male models. N other actresses like preity zinta, rani mukharjee, katrina kaif, priyanka chopra, lara dutta, shilpa shetty, diya mirza etc. Have done semi nude or bikini or lingeri photoshoot with me. She was shocked to hear all the big names from me. She was also curious to find out how the big stars will look in bikini n nude condition. Kareena: can u show me some of the pictures so that i can figure out how well the shoots gonna be ??? Me: sure y not, jst a second. I switched on my big lcd screen in the office n put a cd in the player. Me: i will show u some of the picture of my latest photoshoot. I played the cd n the first picture was of hansika motwani in a pink thong pressing her boobs together n giving a sexy expression to the camera. She was really shocked on seeing this n shouted ” this is y this randi is getting big movies. Sali chinal puri nangi ho gayi” the next picture of hansika was in complete nude condition parting her ass chick and showing her beautiful ass hole to the camera. Kareena againg shouted “saali randi ki aulad gaand ka ghaddha dikha rahi hai” i was getting really horny listening to all these bad words from the mouth of a sexy actress. I thought of seducing kareena by showing some of the action from the photoshoot of hansika. In the next image hansika was pissing for the camera n next to that she was shitting on the ground. Seeing this kareena was out of breadth. She shouted ” saali ma ki laudi, camera k samne hug aur moot rahi hai, isse badi randi to maine aaj tak nahi dekhi”. Kareena was also getting horny by seeing all these erotic n dirty images of hansika. I could see her hand was caressing her pussy over her denim. I thought thats it i have successfully seduced her now its time to show her some more of the action. Next i played a video in which hansika was drinking my piss n i was pissing all over her body. I turned towards kareena n she was out of her sense. She was looking at the screen like she was hynotysed by it. I saw her hand was inside her denim. She didnt even noticed me looking at her. I slowly went towards her n caught her wrist while her hand was inside her denim. She broke into sense by that n looked at me directly into the eyes then she notice that i was holding her wrist while her hand was still inside caressing her pussy. She blushed n looked down at the ground. I took out her hand from her denim n it was completely wet with her pussy juices. I took one of her fingure inside my mouth n she looked completely shocked n stared at me. I licked her fingure n drink all her juices. One by one i licked all her fingures n she started to enjoy it. My mouth was full of her pussy juices i draged her close to me and place my lips on her. The feeling was out of the world. My mouth was still full of her juices i transfered all the jucies from my mouth to her with some of my saliva too. She drank all the juices n my saliva with ease. We kissed passoinatel for 10 to 15 minutes. N i started pressing her boobs over her top. I was on the cloud nine, i can not belive my luck. I was kissing the sexiest bollywood raand n my mouthe was full of her love juice. I was really enjoying the moment. After we kissed for a long time she started to remove my pant. I a second i was completel naked from my waist below. She sat down on her knees n started to play with my dick. She was amazed to see my 8 inch long dick. Kareena said “itna bada lauda kaise lungi mai, bahut dard dega” i said “laudi jab pure industry k laude chat chuki hai to mera bhi le le”. She started to lick my tool from top to bottom, i was about to shoot my cum but i some how controlled my self. She took the head of my cock in her mouth and started to give me blowjob. I couldnt belive my luck, kareena kapoor the famous actress was giving me blowjob. She started to take my whole dick in her mouth. My huge dick was almost reaching her throat. I hold her head n started to stroke n mouth fuck her. My dick was reaching till the back of her thorat. I increased the speed of my stroke. Kareena was not able to bear the pressure of my dick. She was not able to breath perfectly as my cock was filling her mouth. As i increased the speed my precum started to flow out of kareena’s mouth into her perfectly shaped lips. She was gagging due to my huge cock in her mouth, she was also getting vomiting sensation because my cock was contineously heating at the back of her throat. Tears started to flow from her eyes but i did not stop. Instead i increased my speed of stroking after 10 to 20 minutes i was unable to control my tool to ooze cum. I started to moan heavely n because of this kareena understood that i was about to cum. She tried to force my dick out of her mouth because she doesnt wanted to drink my cum. But i was in not mood to waste my precious cum. I hold her head tight against my dick n keep on stroking. She tried desperately to break free but couldnt. At last with a final stroke i shoot my cum directly inside her mouth n hold her head against my dick for some time, she has no other option rather than drinking my cum. She drank all my cum. I kept my dick inside her mouth for another minute or so n then took it out. After taking my dick out i looked at kareena she was looking like a real randi at that time. Her make up was completely messed up, her lipstick gone wild, their was a lot of cum on her lips, due to her tears the kajal was all over her face. She was looking like a bitch. I make her stand n lightly press her boobs. I said “common lets do that photoshoot” i showed her the way to the washroom n gave her a small black thong to wear. I said “i m waiting for u in the photoshoot area”. She didnt say anything n went directly towards the washroom. I went to the photo session area of the studio n started arranging my cameras n lights. I also placed four handycams at four different angels n focused them towards the center of the stage. Then i waited for kareena to show up. I was still naked n my dick started to erect again. It was almost half an hour n kareena was still getting ready for the shoot. After about 45 minutes she showed up covering her self in a towel. She must have taken a bath cause she was looking very fresh even after the rough fucking session. She also has put up some make up on her face. She was shocked to see me naked. Kareena: y r u still naked ??? Me: y wats the matter, didnt u like wat happened few minutes ago ?? Kareena: no i liked it, but now its time for work. Me: i know its time for work, but i thought u will feel akward getting nude alone that y jst to give u company…. And we both laughed.. As she entered the stage she saw the handycams placed on the tripods.. Kareena: wats the handycam for??? Me: jst to record some fun. Kareena: same fun as u had with randi hansika??? Me: may be. Only if u like it. Kareena: we will see bout that, but first lets get to work.. Me: ya sure y not… Kareena got up in the center of the stage, i started all the four handycams n they started to record sexy bitch kareena wrapped in a towel. As i went for my camera i told her to get rid of the towel. She hesitated first but wen i asked her again she took the towel off her body n their was the most sexiest bitch of bollywood, the sex goddess of indian cinema, the dick raiser of thousand of men standing in jst a samll thong which hardly covers 10% of her gorgeous body. The thong was black in colour which is contrast to her milk white skin which makes her look more sexy. The bra of the thong was so small it hardly covered the nipple of her perfectly shaped tits. And the thong panty jst had one string in the back which got lost some where between her huge ass chicks. I asked kareena to turn around two- three times so that i could see the beauty of her sexy body from every possible angel. I was amazed to see the perfect body of this rand, she may have given me blowjob a few miniutes ago but at that time she was fully clothed but now she was almost nude in front of me. Her body was out of this world, she was so fair that ever a white pearl will look dull in front of her. She was glowing like a star in the dark sky n the black thong complemented her. I was almost drooling over her wen she bring me back in my sense. I was some how controlling myself from rapeing her. I was naked n she can clearly see my dick was getting big as a hammer. I was oozing pre-cum from my dick. But i have to do the photo shoot first before i could get a chance to fuck her. I went for my camera n asked her to give some sexy pose for the camera. I started clicking photos n the handycams were recording what they were supposed to. The randi kareena was giving really horny expressions. She was pressing her boobs together, parting her ass chicks and was feeling her own body like a lesbian. My dick was getting bigger n harder every second by looking at the horny bitch. I asker her to show her perfect butt to the camera n she did. I was so turned on that i started ozzing precum. She parted her ass chick n i can see her small black asshole. I was getting out of control seeing this horny randi getting naked in front of me. Then i asked her to take of her panty n she did it without any hesitation. Now i can see her asshole more clearly. I clicked few photos n said “u r a real randi kareena, u hav got the perfect round butt to fuck, n the sexiest body any bollywood rand can have. U must hav been fucked by a lot of people in the bollywood, isnt it???” she parted her asschicks more n said, “almost every director n co-star i worked with, i even had lesbian sex with many actresses in the bollyood like priety, rani n my own sister karishma.” i was shocked to hear that n i asked “r u a lesbian” she said “i m bisexual, actually i was straight but during the shooting of ajnabi bipasha basu fucked me forcefully with a artificial dick, she almost raped me. Even akshay n bobby helped her n after bipasha fucked me they also had sex with me. After that incident i started loving female body’s also.” i was out of my breath, i couldnt belive that an actresses could ever rape another. I was getting into the wild side of the film industry now. She said, “u know even there r lots of incest lover in our bollywood??” i was shocked to my core, i asked, “who???” she said “bobby n sunny fucks their sister esha deol, saif regularly fucks her sister soha, ashmit patel fucks her booby sister amisha patel n many more.” i was not able to speak anything. She said “enough of the talk now lets complete this shoot” i somehow grabbed my camera n focused it on the randin said “chal sali randi bahut gand dikha li tune ab palat ja aur apni chikni chud dikha.” she said “thikh hai bhadwe le dekh le meri chikni chud, sab ne to dekh hi li hai ab tu bacha hai tu bhi dekh le” n she turned to show her pussy to the camera. She was perfectly shaved n her pussy was pink in color, but the hole was a bit big which proved that she must hav been fucked a lot of times. I said looking at her chud, “saali chud ka gaddha to itna bada hai ki mera pura sar usme ghus jaye” she said”to ghus jana saale mana kis ne kiya hai, chud k andar ghus ke meri puri khujli mita dena” i clicked few photos of her pussy n asked her to take her bra off. N she did it without any hesitation. She got the perfect pair of boobs. Not really big but well shaped n really soft suckable boobs. I clicked few more photos n asked her to do all the horny things. Kareena kapoor was completely naked in front of me sucking her own boobs n fingering her self. She was moaning loudly as she fingered herself. I was clicking photos after photos wen i heard a bip sound from my camera i look at the screen n it displayed the messege “memory full” my 2gb memory card was full, i thought “man i must hav taked few hundred photos” she asked me”wat happened??” i said “photoshoot over darling, ab teri chudayi ka samay hai” i looked at my dick n it was completely covered by my pre-cum. I throw my camera to the side n went in the center stage. I checked the handycams they hav atleast 2hour of recording time left. I went near kareena n said “chal randi shuru ho ja. Mu me le mera lauda aur chat” she smiled at me n took my dick into her mouth to giv it a blowjob. It was really amazing feeling i started pressing her soft boobs as she gave me a blowjob. For atleast 15 min she sucked by dick n my balls as i was about to shoot my cum i withdrew my dick from her mouth n contrelled myself. I held kareena with her hair n pulled her face close to me, her lips was full of my pre-cum. I put my lips on her n started kissing her. My tongue was inside her mouth n i was feeling saliva mixed with my cum in my mouth. We passionately kissed for almost 5 min n then i opened her mouth forcefully n spitted my saliva n cum in her mouth n said, “chal randi pi le mera lund ka pani aur thuk, chal pee ja jaldi” n she drank all that in one gulp. I forced her mouth in my ass n said “chal ab mere gand ka ghadda chat k saaf kar.” she licked my ass hole. I went for her. I was interested in her asshole more than her pussy. I licked her asshole for almost 20 mins. Her asshole was very tasty. After that i sucked her pussy for 5min. N was ready to fuck her. She said “saale bhadwe, chal chod mujhko, jaldi” n i pushed my dick into her pussy n it went in easily, i fucked her for few min n then said “chal randi ki aulad palat ja ab tere gand ka ghadda bada karunga mai, samjhi chud ki” she turned n i started pushing my dick in her asshole. It was a lot tighter compared to her pussy. But i somehow pushed my complete dick inside her. She was moaning loudly now. I humped her for another 15 min or so wen i feel that i wont be able to control my cum for much longer now, i took my dick out of her ass n put it inside her mouth n said “pee ja mera pura chick randi” n i shot my cum inside her mouth. She was hesitating but i forced her to drink my cum. After she drank all my cum i asked her to open her mouth n i starting pissing in her mouth she was gasping for air as my piss filled kareena kapoor’s sexy mouth. She started drinking my piss. I also pissed all over her sexy body. After she drank my piss she said “mai bhi tere mu me mutna chahti hoon” i said ok n laid down on my back. Kareena sat over my mouth n started pissing all over my mouth. I drank all her piss i was really nice in taste. After our pissing session i asked her do u want to do anything more dirty. She said yes. I told her to lay down on her back n i sat exactly over her face n i started shitting on her face. I opened her mouth n she started eating my shit. After few sec she felt uncomfortable n starts to vomit over me i forced her to eat her own vomit n lick my asshole to clean it. We lay their for half an hour in all the shit, vomit n piss. N after that got up n cleaned ourselves up. She was really happy with the dirty fucking session n said she will be happy to do it again. The photos came really well n after showing them to the director n getting a good fucking kareena kapoor got the role in the movie tashan.

I’m a guy from India. This trust me is a true story. No not a stories it is an incidence which truly happened. So I’m not going to reveal my name & any identities. Here is how it goes. I’m a guy working in a hotel at a hill station in Maharashtra.(I can’t tell my post or name of hotel or name of hill station as I can lose my job. Actually I’m taking a great risk here as if anyone knows abt this I’ll be dismissed immediately but anyways!). It’s a very royal hotel not meant for any ordinary middle class people. Rich people come here. Some actors & actresses also come here for privacy. I like almost all actresses. But there is one actress who is a sensation & is a person ’cause of whom I’m writing this. It’s Kareena Kapoor!! This happened in Sept 2001. I was told that Kareena Kapoor is going to visit our hotel. I was happy as always to know that an actress is coming. In that September our hotel was not crowded as it was a rainy season & not many times can people go out of hotel as it rains cats & dogs here.

So finally the day came when Kareena moved in. When I first saw her I was stunned!! Man she was hot!! She wore a pink sleeveless Punjabi. I didn’t notice at that time that a guy from Jamaica-West Indies also moved in the same day but it was important you will com to know later the importance of him. So back to our story. A day after Kareena moved in, I saw her talking with that black guy from Jamaica. Kareena was wearing a black skirt & looking hot as always. The black color looked so sexy on her white body. I thought some weird things about them but I did not know that things will really go this far. The two of them seemed too had became good friends they left the hotel fore site seeing as there was not much rain that day. Kareena came back first in the evening. In the night the guy(his name was Ricky) came back. Their rooms were adjoining each other. So the time was passing as usual. In the night at about 11:30, I was passing by Karenna’s room & I knocked the door to her if she wants any desert or something as dinner was taken late. There was knowing response. I knew she doesn’t sleep this early as she goes for night walk for an hour after a late dinner. I thought that she had gone out may be for a night walk. My mind was full of ugly thoughts I quickly rushed into the room & started finding something like her bra or preferably panties so that I can masturbate. I was searching for it suddenly I was amazed to see that the door joining this & the black guy room was open. Generally they are kept close. I just started to hear something. The two of them I think were having a desert in his room. After they were done Kareena thanked him for inviting her she said that it was good that he didn’t know that she was a famous actress so that they have become friendly. She thanked him again & started to come to her room. I was planning to escape from there immediately. Now the most interesting part begins folks.

Suddenly I heard some noise as if someone rushed to somewhere & heard the voice, “What r u doing? Leave my hand!” Yes folks! It was Kareena who was angry. Ricky said, “I want u dear!! I want to have sex with u. I was waiting for Kareena to call security but to my surprise Kareena said, “Oh Ricky!! You have no idea how much I was waiting for u to say this I have never had a black man!!” My god!! It was hot!! I couldn’t help myself & knowing that I may get fired if I get caught I still peeped very carefully in the Ricky’s room. It was dark in the room where I was & those two were completely under control of lust so they didn’t notice me. Ricky was holding Kareena. His arms were on her waist. Kareena was wearing a black nightie & a black night gown above it. She had put her arms locked around his naked & they were kissing each other. Ricky untied the nightgown of Kareena & removed it. She was only in her nightie known & was looking like a doll in front of 6 feet tall Ricky. He was wearing only shorts. Now they were kissing really hard. He put his hands on her ass & started caressing it. She broke the kiss & looked at him. He kissed her all over her face & started moving down on her neck. He lifted her nightie up & removed it. Now she was in only black colored bra & panties. Her white body was looking so hot against his black body!! Now he licked her below her neck & moved to her stomach. He licked her belly button & at that time I heard first of Kareena Kapoor’s many moans. “Ooh Ricky.. Ooohh!” He kept licking her bellybutton & caressing her ass. She kept moaning. Then he lifted he & took her to bed he made her seat there. He moved to her backside. He kissed & licked her back opened hook of her bra & pulled it of with his mouth. My god!! I was seeing Karenna’s breasts. They were not big & heavy. Infact they were tiny. But absolutely hot & sexy. He started caressing her breasts on by one. She moaned “Oooh!! Ooohh goodd!! Aahh!!”

I was able to see their each & every action. He flicked her nipples pinched them. “Aaaaaaaah oooooooooooh oooooooooooohhhhh….!” was the reply. He pushed the nipple in. Caressed hr breast again. Meanwhile his hand slipped down to her panty covered pussy. He was in total control till then. Suddenly when he moved to her pussy Kareena got fired up she let the moan out “hmmmmmmmmmm….!” & hugged him tight pushing his face in her breasts. He made Kareena lay down & started licking & kissing her breasts. Without touching her nipples he moved down to her bellybutton. He made her lift her hands above her head & licked her armpits she almost screamed, “Ooooohh aaaaahhhhhh…!” You should have looked at her expressions. They were of joy, satisfaction & disappointment. His hand slipped through her panties & pulled them to her thighs. Her pubic hair were not shaved but neatly teamed. He pulled her panties out & started licking her feet, creamy fleshy thighs & especially her ass. She has got a beautiful ass I’m sure we’ve seen it on television also. Big round ass. Then he went up kissed her hard & started pulling her pubic hair just a little not to hurt her. At the same time he likes & bitted her nipples. Kareena moaned loudly, “Ooohhhh aaaaaahhh aaaaam…” He kept licking her breasts for some time & then moved to her cunt he started fingered fucking her with his fat middle fingered. She started moving her hips in his fingure’s motion. She was moaning louder, “Oooooh yes baby!! Ooooooh Rick oooooouaaahhhh..” then he put his tongue on her pussy his mouth covered all her pussy & his tongue must have got in & found her clit ’cause look on Kareena’s face was of sexual ecstasy. She was moaning, “Aaaaaaahhhhh hhhhhhhhmmmmmmmm!” After some time he got up & started removing his shorts & then underwear. I looked keenly ’cause I’ve heard a lot about black men & my god!! Was it true!! The size of Ricks cock was amazing. I have got a big complex since then. Trust me it was about 12 inches rock hard. She got up & said, “Will I have to suck you?” He said don’t blow me just make it weight. She started sucking & licking him. What a sight it was!! Lips of Kareena Kapoor fully stretched due to that fat long black cock.

Then he told her to stop, pushed her back parted her legs & started to rub head of his cock on her slit. She moaned, “Aaaah please put it in I cant bear it anymore!!” He like an expert slowly pushed head of his cock inside. Stopped for sometime gave a few small thrusts. Kareena moaned, “Oh Rick! I want u inside of me!! Ooooh common!!” He slide his cock in & again the look on Kareena’s face after being felled with 12 inches was a must see! He slowly started moving with slow thrusts. Small thrusts at first & then sloe complete long thrusts he was removing his cock completely outside her cunt after each thrust & my god!! He went on & on with his rhythmic long thrusts. After some time Kareena’s feet crossed each other behind Rick’s back her body started bucking & shivering & she moaned for quite a some time, “Aaaaaaaaahhhh aaamm” He went on & on trust me he went on for 20 straight mins. Before he increased his speed violently & shot his load in her cunt. Some of it flowed outside. In know time he was hard again. They fucked in various positions for 3 hours. He had 4 orgasms each one taking more time then previous one. Kareena had at least 14 mind blowing big orgasms which I could make out & god knows how many smaller ones! Finally Kareena was lying on the bed on her back sweating like hell & fully exhausted. What a site it was! But Rick was still not done. He parted her legs again & started pumping really fast.

She didn’t even have power to hug him. She just kept moaning. He was having time of his life he went on for the longest time of all. She was moaning loudly. It seemed to be too much for her but still she seemed to like it. Her moans now changed into screams, “Aaaahhhh aaaahhhhh aaaaaahhh oohhh ooooohhhh oaooooohhhh sssssss.. Aaaaahhh!!” Her body was glowing as she was sweating like hell. Finally she shouted,” Oooh Riiiick please stop I’ll die.. I’m gonna die hmmmmmmmm..” & almost lost her consciousness. That’s when Rick shot his load & collapsed on top of her & that is when I rushed out as it was 3:45 in the morning & I had to get ready for my job. Rick as scheduled moved the very next day. He went to Kareena’s room only to say bye & left immediately. Kareena didn’t get out of room that day saying that she was not filling well. Only I knew what the truth was. The day after Kareena also move out & that was the end of a great chapter of my life. Guys & girls, I’m taking a great risk by telling u this but I’m feeling well as I was itching to tell this to somebody. If my name gat exposed I will loose my job. So this is the best way to do it. Remember all this is a true story

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