Girl's Friday Nights Out (a little flash story about the end of a great marriage.)

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Re: Girl's Friday Nights Out (a little flash story about the end of a great marriage.)

Unread post by jasmeet » 16 Jun 2016 06:00

"You know, I'm thinking you might just need someone else to build this house."

She laughed.

"You don't need to worry. Just stay to yourself and don't drop any names. You'll be fine. Gary checked you out so no one is worried about you being here."

"Sounds like he knows more about me than I do."

We got about halfway back and Sarge stopped and looked up the hill. Cassie grabbed my arm and pulled me into the brush. She motioned for me to squat down. I almost pissed my pants again. We waited a couple of minutes and heard a whistle. Sarge started wagging his tail. A guy dressed in woodland camo stepped out on the trail. He had a deadly looking assault rifle in his hands. He was about my height with brown hair and a full beard.

Cassie stood up and pulled me back onto the trail.


"Shhhhh. Wait here."

She walked up to him. The spoke in low tones so I couldn't hear. After a minute he disappeared in the brush. She motioned for me to follow. When we got back to the house I asked her, "What was that all about?"

"A strange truck came up the creek yesterday. He's checking them out."

"Does that mean trouble?"

"Maybe. Gary is running their plate. They'll take care of it. No need to worry."

"Damn. This country is spooky."

"You'll learn to relax. It's just strange to you"

"No shit."

"If you want the job, you need to pull your trailer up here. No sense in you driving up here every day. There's a nice spot over under that oak tree. I'll hook you up to water. You don't need to worry about food. I'll take care of that."

"I need to go get it ready to move. Is tomorrow too soon?"

"That's fine. Say goodbye to Sarge."

I walked over to him. He was laying in the shade. I squatted down by him. He wagged his tail a little.

"Bye, Sarge. See you tomorrow."

I scratched behind his ears a little. He stood up and licked my face. I got in my truck and left.

I got back to my trailer and started putting all the loose stuff back in the cabinets. All of a sudden I stopped.

What the fuck am I getting into. A month ago I was a nobody carpenter building tract houses. Two days ago I was helping little old ladies with their leaky sinks. Today I'm off to build a house for a dope grower. There's some spooky fucker running around in the bushes maybe killing people. Then I thought of Cassie. I had been in culture shock so much that I only gave her a cursory look. I wondered what was behind those eyes. The more I thought about it the more I wanted to know. I convinced myself that I could pull out and run any time I wanted.

After a few minutes of running these thoughts around in my pea brain I decided to go for it. Cassie was the main reason.

The next morning I unhooked from everything and pulled up to the dump station. I drained the gray water and the poop tank. I pulled out and headed to Cassie's. Forty five minutes later I pulled into her yard.

Sarge came running up and waited for me to get out. He jumped up with his front legs on my chest and licked me. I scratched him a little and he walked away. Cassie came walking from behind her house.

"I see you made it. I wondered if you would show."

"Yep. I'm here. My adventure starts today."

"An adventure? It's gonna be a pretty boring one. Not much exciting happens up here. It's nice an quiet, just like I like it."

"It is for me. I came from a big city."

"You'll get used to it. Just slow yourself down."

"That will take some work on my part."

"Oh, before I forget. Spook is coming to dinner tonight. It's my turn to feed him."

"This should be interesting."

"He's OK. Just don't ask any questions. He'll tell you what he wants you to know. He's pretty quiet."

"Speaking of dinner, what's on the menu."

"Nothing special. Meat, mashed potatoes and gravy, baked beans and a salad."

"Sounds good. But now I need to get this thing set up.

An hour later I had it in place and all leveled up. She lead me over to her big shade tree and we sat down. She reached in her shirt pocket and pulled out a hand rolled cigarette.

"We have some time to kill before dinner. Let's have a little smoke."

"Ummm, OK. It's been a long time since I smoked any pot. The last time was in high school."

She lit it and took a big puff. I watched as she leaned her head back, holding her breath. After a few seconds she exhaled.

"Ah yes. Some good shit."

She handed it to me.

"Just take a little hit. It's pretty high quality and you're not used to it."

I took a small puff and choked on it. After hacking up part of my lungs I looked at her. She was laughing.

"Try again. A little smaller this time."

I managed to keep it down an finally exhaled. She was watching me. A few minutes later I started laughing.

"What's funny?"

"Nothing really, just me, and you, and what I'm doing. I don't remember it affecting me like this before. This is nice."

"Yeah. That's enough for you. I don't want you staring at your shoes for three hours."

I turned and looked at her.

"So, what brought you here? Did you grow up around here?"

"You want my life's story?"

"I'm not trying to to pry. I'm just curious. A pretty girl like you out here in the wilds of Northern California growing dope."

"I grew up in San Francisco. My dad was a machinist and my Mom was a teacher. After high school I went to college and got my nursing degree. A few years later my parents were killed in an auto accident. Six years ago my grandpa died. He had a bunch of real estate and he left it all to me. I sold it all and quit nursing. I was going to move up to Seattle but I had to stop in Garberville because my car was making funny noises. It seemed my transmission was going out. I had to wait three days till a new one came in. They shipped it in from Santa Rosa on some trucking company. While I was waiting I met some nice people and decided to stay for a while.

I met some of the growers here and decided to try it myself. This place was for sale so I bought it. The rest is history.

"No husband to deal with?"

"I had a few boyfriends but I never got married. I was waiting for Mr. Right."

"So, if your car didn't break down we would have never met."

"I guess not. Now you have to tell me your story."

"Oh god. It's a mess."

"You don't have to if it bothers you. I don't want you to get bummed out."

"No, it's OK. I'm over it all now."

"Some friends of mine were playing cupid and introduced me to Sarah at a weekend barbecue. We hit if off and got married. Five years in she started doing the girls night out with some of her co-workers. This guy started working on her and turned her head. She did some stuff with him that a married woman shouldn't do. I knew something was up so I followed her one night and saw her give this guy her panties. I lost it and punched him out. He ended up going to the hospital and I did some time in jail. Now, I'm just waiting to get the official papers from my lawyer."

"I got tired of coming home to an empty house. I decided I needed a change of scenery. I sold my house and headed west. I wanted to see the Pacific Ocean. I stopped in Garberville for fuel and hung out for a few days. I had never been a small town before. It was like landing on another planet. I got hooked on those cheese burgers in the Eel River Cafe so I stayed a while. I was working at odd jobs just to pass the time till we met.

"That must have been hard on you, finding her cheating like that."

"It was. I've had plenty of time to get over the anger and hurt."

"I knew you had a record. Gary found it when he checked you out. He read the court records and found out what happened. He did some more looking and found the transcripts of your hearing."

"Was that a test to see how honest I am?"

"Not really. I was just curious like you. We knew you were a good guy when you didn't charge a lot of people for your work. I hope I didn't offend you."

'You didn't. We're OK."

Sarge sat up and I heard a whistle. He was looking down the trail to the pot garden. Spook walked out and came toward us. He had that deadly looking assault rifle and a pistol on his hip.

"Have a seat. I'll go start dinner."

I stood up and offered my hand. He looked in my eyes and shook mine. He had a hell of a grip. He sat in Cassie's chair.

"Welcome to the creek, Paladin."

"Thanks. It's going to take a while to get used to. I lived in a big city before I came here."

"Just relax. It's cool here."

That was the end of our conversation till dinner was ready. A while later Cassie called us in.

'Have a seat, guys. I'll dish it up."

She dished up three plates with some little steaks, mashed potatoes, beans and a salad on the side. All three of us dove in. I cut a little piece of meat off and shoved it in my mouth. It was different but tasted great.

"What kind of meat is this?"

"It's venison."

"You mean like Bambi"

"Yep, Bambi back strap. The best cut on a deer. It's the same as Filet Mignon on a cow."

"Damn, it's good. I never had this before."

"You'll get plenty of it before you finish my house. I don't buy meat."

Spook just looked at me and kept eating. He cleaned his plate and Cassie fixed him another one. I was stuffed so I sat back and watched. He cleaned up the second helping.

He stood up, put his plate in the sink. He looked at me.



Sarah gave him a hug and a kiss on his whiskered cheek. He turned, Picked up his rifle and walked out. He patted Sarge and disappeared down the trail.

We sat and chatted for a while. Then she stood up and went in the back of her house. She came back out with a rifle with a scope on it.

"That was the last of the venison. Let's go to the meat market."

"Whoa. We're going hunting?"

"Yep. Come with me."

We went outside and she walked up to a shed. She reached inside and pulled out a pack frame and a plastic bag.

"Here, carry this."

I followed her down and around the hill. She turned and motioned for me to be quiet. We walked up behind some low bushes. She pointed for me to sit down. I sat and looked down the hill. There were a group of trees in the middle of and open field. Sarge laid down behind us. She whispered.

"It's an old orchard from a homestead. The deer like the leaves that fall from the trees."

We sat a while as the sun went behind the hill. In just a few minutes she pointed. A deer walked out and started eating the leaves. The hair on my neck stood up. She whispered again.

"That's a doe. She might be pregnant. Let's wait for a buck."

Ten minutes later another one walked out. She whispered again.

"There's a spike."

She wiggled around a little and pulled the rifle up to her shoulder. She rested on her knees and looked through the scope. I got a little Adrenalin rush watching her. I watched the deer as she pulled the trigger. I heard the rifle report and the deer jumped up in the air and fell. It kicked a couple of time and lay still. She looked at me and smiled.

"Fuck, you got him."

"Yep. It was a pretty easy shot. The fun's over now. Let's go to work."

I stood in amazement as she cut it open and pulled the guts out. She cut the heart and liver out and put them in the plastic bag. Then she cut the head off

'Is this a big one?"

"He's a little small. These black tails don't get that big. He's only about two years old. I don't shoot the old bucks. They're strong and tough. I leave them to make babies. Spikes are good eating. They're young and tender.

She slipped the bag over it and tied it on the pack frame.

"You get to pack it out. We'll leave some for the varmints. They need to eat too."

She helped me get the pack frame on and we hiked back to the house. She went inside and came out with a cloth bag. She threw a rope over a limb and pulled the deer up. She started cutting the skin away as she pulled it down. Then she pulled the bag up over the deer and tied it off. She rolled the skin up and put it in the plastic bag.

"It'll be ready to cut up tomorrow."

"What are you going to do with the skin?"

"The girls up the hill want it. They tan hides."

"The girls?"

"Yeah. Three girls live up there. You'll meet them tomorrow. We have to go up to Eureka. I need to restock the pantry and Sarge is almost out of food. We'll stop by on the way out."

"Great. I need to buy some stuff for the house too, but I want to check with Dennis first. I need to know what lumber he can provide."

"We can stop by his place too."

She took the heart and liver and went in the house. I turned and went to my trailer.

I took a quick shower and put on a pair of shorts and a t shirt. I fired up my laptop and checked my email. I didn't expect anything from my lawyer. It was way too soon. I decided to send one to Gary. I gave him a quick version of my trip. I just told him I was playing tourist in Northern California. I didn't mention that I was parked in the yard of a dope grower. He probably wouldn't believe me anyway. I did a quick check on the local news and found a movie to watch. I thought about inviting Cassie but decided against it. I would mention it tomorrow. I switched to the TV in my bedroom and laid down. I lost interest in the movie and started thinking about Cassie.

I had run into self sufficient women before, but she was way about them. She had to be very self confident to be living like this. She could kill a dear and clean it. I had noticed a lot of jars of canned stuff in her house. I chucked to myself as I thought of her as a mountain woman. I was going to find out more about her. I had plenty time to do it. I clicked off the TV and snuggled down and closed my eyes.

I woke the next morning to Cassie banging on the side of my trailer.

"Wake up, sleepy head. Breakfast is almost ready."

I told her I would be right out and looked out the window. Daylight was just breaking. I drained my morning wood and splashed some water on my face. I got dressed and walked to her house. Sarge danced around me till I scratched his ears. He laid down in his favorite spot.

When she opened the fridge I saw the deer carcass in the bottom.

"Do you want heart or liver?"

"I've had liver before. Once was enough. I've never had heart before but I'll give it a go."

"It's really good. I always eat it first. Sort a a ritual."

She breaded four pieces and dropped them in a frying pan. In just a few minutes it was done. She loaded two plates with the meat, three eggs each and some of the beans we had last night. It was followed with a big cup of coffee. She watched me as I took a bite of the heart.

"Pretty good, huh?"

"Wow. It sure is. You're a great cook."

"It's pretty basic stuff. I gave up the fancy stuff."


On our way out Cassie directed me to the "girls" house. I wondered about three women living out there by themselves. I suspected they were gay but I didn't ask. It was none of my business. She got out and took the bag with the hide and knocked on their door. She came out a few minutes later. I didn't get to see them. I figured I would meet them in due time.

Farther down the hill she had me turn off on another dirt road. We came around a corner and I saw Dennis' layout. He had stacks of lumber with stickers in them drying. His mill was off to the side. As we drove up he stepped out of his house. We stopped and got out.

"Hey, Cassie. Good to see you."

We shook hands. He had a strong grip too.

"Hiya Paladin. Welcome to the creek."

"Thanks, Dennis. Quite an operation you have here. I'm impressed."

"Yeah, it keeps be busy and out of trouble."

We talked a few minutes as I explained what I had in mind for Cassie's house. He had pretty much everything I would need. He mentioned that his lumber was full dimension. He didn't have a planer. I had never used full dimension lumber but it would just take a little planning. With our discussion over we headed down the hill.

We got down to the freeway and Cassie stopped me.

"Let's take a little tour on the way. Let's take the scenic route. Cross the bridge here and we'll go up the Avenue."

"The Avenue?"

"The Avenue of the Giants. You'll see."

As we crossed the bridge she said, "The swimming hole is down there. It's pretty popular in the summer."

"I don't have a swim suit. I guess shorts will do."

"There's another one you might like better. All the skinny dippers go there."

I chuckled.

"That sounds like fun. Do you go there?"

"Now and then."

I looked at her and she gave me a devilish look. I knew I was going to like it when the weather warmed up.

The Avenue was a narrow, cooked two lane road. I had to take it easy. Some of the turns were marked at 30 and 35 mph. About two miles we came to a little town that was just a wide spot in the road. It had maybe ten buildings. There was a post office, a market with two gas pumps, and a high school. I saw a sheriff's car parked at a small cafe.

About a mile out of town my mouth fell open. It was like entering another world. Dark shade with small patches of sunlight shining through. Huge trees were on both sides of the road. Some of them looked like they were at least ten of fifteen feet in diameter. I noticed one that had a huge notch cut in it to make way for the road. I heard Cassie chuckle.

"Sequoia Redwoods. Tallest trees on the planet."

"Wow, I guess. Lot of lumber in one of those."

"It's beautiful through here. So peaceful and quiet. You can hear your heartbeat."

We drove on for five or six mile and she directed me onto the freeway.

'Next stop, Eureka, unless you want to see the ocean"

"Maybe later on that. I don't want to overdo the culture shock."


We went to Home Depot first. First I got some bags of cement, aggregate, and rebar for the foundations. Next I got some nails, a couple of blades for my skill saw and my Sawzall. I replenished my supply of brads, staples and finish nails for my air guns. She went to the garden department and got ten bags of steer manure. She told me it was for her vegetable garden. We got it all loaded and headed for Costco.

Two full shopping carts later we were on our way back home.

When we got home I asked how long it took her to spade up her garden. She told me one full day. I just smiled. I sat down that evening and made out my lumber order. I planned on giving it to Dennis the next day.

The next morning she woke me up at daylight and made breakfast again. I stopped off and gave Dennis my order and drove to the True Value hardware store in Redway. I bought her a 5 hp rear tine tiller. Then I went to the bank in Garberville and arranged for them to cash my check from the sale of my house. They told me it would take some time for the check to clear. I left them with orders to put three thousand in my checking account and the rest in a savings account. They were more than happy to have my business.

I went back and unloaded the tiller. Cassie was more than pleasantly surprised. I got a hug and a kiss. I told her I was going to buy her another one tomorrow. She blushed and looked down. I filled it with gas and oil and it fired right up. Two hours later her garden was ready to till in the manure.

Suddenly I noticed that I hadn't asked where she wanted her new house. She told me she wanted it where her old mobile was. I realized she was right. Her water, sewer and propane was already there. I wondered if my truck would pull it out of the way. She told me not to worry, that some people were coming tomorrow to move it.

The next morning about fifteen people showed up and started taking it apart. The helped her move all of her stuff into her shed and then attacked it like ants. We kept the cook top, and fridge for the new house. Propane refrigerators are expensive. She also kept the siding for a drying shed. The were welcome to all the rest. They even took the insulation. One guy had a acetylene torch and cut the frame in pieces he could handle. By the end of the day it was gone.

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Re: Girl's Friday Nights Out (a little flash story about the end of a great marriage.)

Unread post by jasmeet » 16 Jun 2016 06:01

"Ummm, Cassie. Where are you going to stay now that your house is gone?"

"I was going pitch my dome tent and stay in there. I figured we could cook in your trailer."

"That's nonsense. My trailer will sleep eight people. The sofa makes into a nice bed."

"You sure. I don't want to impose."

"I'm positive. No way I'm letting you sleep on the ground when there's a perfectly good bed available."

"OK. I'll move some of my stuff in. I need my cooking supplies in there too."

"OK, the door is open."

She spent the next two hours stocking the kitchen and moving in some of her clothes. I thought to myself, one small happy family. Of course a few dirty old man thoughts popped up too. This had possibilities.

Our first evening together in my trailer was interesting. She moved around with confidence and wasn't at all nervous. I was a little tense, not being used to having a woman around. It had been a while. I took a shower while she made dinner. We had the usual, venison, beans, and some boiled rice. She made some gravy in the pan that she fried the venison in. It was delicious over the rice. After dinner she took a shower while I washed and dried the dishes. She came out wearing a t shirt and shorts. I had trouble keeping eye contact. When she turned her back I did some heavy duty checking on her ass and legs. I could see the muscles rippling under her skin. She looked strong and in good shape. Her breasts moving under that t shirt made me lose eye contact a number of times. She didn't appear to notice, but I was sure she did.

I clicked on the TV and handed her the remote. I fired up my laptop and checked my email. She was watching the news. Gary answered the email I had sent with more questions. I gave him guarded answers. I wasn't ready to give up what I was up to.

I logged off and got out some blankets and sheets for her. I pulled out the sofa and she helped me make up the bed. I went in my bedroom and clicked on my TV. I fell asleep watching a boring movie. I woke once during the night to drain my lizard and heard her gentle snoring.


The next morning she was up before me. I woke to the smell of breakfast. It was time to get started on the house. I had just started raking all the left over trash from the house removal when I head a truck. It was Dennis with my lumber delivery. He didn't even look at me.

He had a setup on his flat bed with rollers. The had pins in the holding them from turning. He pulled the pins and cranked the lumber off the back of the truck. When it over balanced he just drove out from under it. I had to help him unload the cement mixer. It had a gas engine on it so I didn't have to run the generator on my trailer. He looked at me and with a "later" he was on his way.

I started laying out some lines to get the dimensions for the foundations set up. Then I started building the forms for the piers. I got warmed up so I took off my shirt. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Cassie checking me out. She had a little smile on her face. I tried to ignore her so I wouldn't hit my thumb with the hammer.

She started to work on her garden. The tiller started right up for her. I heard her give a hoot and off she went. It was bouncing around a little and I noticed she didn't have a bra on. Things were looking good. I fired up the mixer and started pouring the piers. I had just finished smoothing the last one when she walked up.

"Hey, it's break time. I made some lemonade."

"All right. That will hit the spot."

She poured two glasses and we sat down in the shade. We chatted a little. I explained what I was doing and she just nodded her head.

"It looks like you know what you're doing. I got the right man for the job."

'Well, it isn't my first rodeo. I've been doing this since I got out of high school."

"That long, huh?"

"How's that tiller working."

"Oh my god. It's great. Thanks for getting that for me. I'm almost ready to start planting."

"What are you planting?"

"About half will be in beans. The rest will be mostly salad stuff. Lettuce, tomatoes, radishes, cukes, carrots, peas. Stuff like that. I'll put some corn in later. It likes hot weather. I tried potatoes one year but the ground is wrong for them. There are plums and peaches in the orchard down there. I'll can some of those."

'You really enjoy this life style, don't you."

"Oh yes. Every day is a challenge. I like figuring out how to conquer them. A good feeling of satisfaction."

"You're a remarkable woman, Cassie. I've never met anyone like you. Someone coming from the city and living like this in such a short time. Pretty amazing."

"Thanks, Paladin. That's a nice thing to say."

"I have to chuckle at everyone calling me Paladin."

"Well, you started it with that flier you made up. Now you can just live with it.

"I think it really remarkable what you can do with all these boards. Just saw them up and nail them together into a house. No easy task."

"Well, I guess we're both remarkable. How about that."

We both chuckled and started back to work.

I had to wait a couple of days for the concrete to set so I started cutting the two by fours for framing the walls down to stud length. The were all eight feet long and I needed to cut four inches off to allow for the double caps on top of the walls. The inside walls needed to be eight feet so the sheet rock would fit. I wore out the old blade on my skill saw cutting all of them. My new ones were carbide so I knew they would last.


The next two days and evenings were a carbon copy of the last ones. The next morning I got a nice surprise.

I woke up with a warm body next to mine. Two firm breasts pressed against my side. Her head was on my shoulder and a soft hand was holding my blue veined morning wood. I stirred and pulled her against me. She gave a little sigh and snuggled up against me. Her leg was hooked over mine.

"Just above a whisper she said, "You don't mind me waking you up like this do you?"

"Do I have fool written on my forehead."

She moved her hand up and caressed my chest.

"mmmm, nice and hairy. I like that. I was checking you out when you were getting all sweaty out there."

"I have to confess. I was checking you out too. I like the no bra look. They're real active under that t shirt."

'I was doing it just for you. I knew you would like it."

She moved her hand down and she started slowly stroking my cock

"I have a feeling I won't get much work done today."

"You deserve a day off and a little tender loving care."

She threw the covers down and I got a good look at her. It was all good. She kissed her way down to my cock and licked the head. I almost lost it then. She licked and kissed up and down my cock.

"You like that, you big hairy man?"

"You keep that up and you'll have a mess on your hands."

"No I won't. I swallow and I want every drop."

She moved down between my lets and took my entire seven inches down her throat. Her breasts were caressing the inside of my thighs. I heard a groan and realized it was me.

"Cum for me, baby. Give it to me."

She slowly took it all the way in again. I felt that magic stirring in my loins. It hit me and my hips jerked up. She hung on as I pumped squirt after squirt down her neck. She pulled back a little and took the last few in her mouth. I knew Sarge could hear my cries as I filled her mouth.

'Sorry I was so fast. It's been a while."

"It's OK. Now we can take our time. We have all day."

She crawled up on my chest and rubbed her nipples on my chest.

"Your hairy chest feels so good on my nipples. They feel as hard as rocks."

I rolled her off my chest and knelt between her legs.

'I'll have to check them out. They may not be hard enough."

I leaned down and kissed the left one. I felt it swell against my lips. I sucked it up and ran my tongue around it. She moaned and held my head in place. My fingers found the other one and I rolled it around. I kissed my way down to her treasure. She had a full untrimmed bush waiting for me. I parted her bush and watched her lips fill with blood and open for me. I lifted her legs a little and put my thumb on her clit. I pressed a little and speared her puckered asshole with my tongue. She almost tore my ears off as she came.

"Oh god. Yes. Yes. Don't stop. Yes. Yes."

I licked from her pucker all the way up to her clit. Then I gently licked it as I stuck two fingers in her wet pussy. She squealed and came again. She found my ears again and held me in place.

'Cumming. Cumming. Fucking god, I'm cumming."

I stayed after her pussy till she begged me to stop.

"Give me that cock. Fill my pussy with it. Shove it all the way in and make me your woman."

I moved up and touched her pussy lips with the head. Both of her hands grabbed me and she did a quick thrust up and my head popped in. She squealed and came again.

"All of it. Give me all of it. Fuck me hard. It's been to long."

I dropped as her legs went around my ass. My cock slid in like it was made for her. She pulled me down and just held me there.

"Yes. So good. So full and good. Big cock in my pussy."

She held me all the way in and started grinding her clit on my bone. I lifted a little and let her go. She came twice in rapid succession. She stopped quivering and started stroking up on me. I joined her rhythm. Our bodies took control of our minds as we built to a mutual orgasm. When it hit we both cried out. She pulled me down and her pussy muscles milked the last drops of my cum in her.

"Oh my god. Thank you. I lost count of how many times I came."

She rolled me off and climbed on my chest. She looked in my eyes.

"I want you to know, I'll never hurt you. Never never."

I looked at her and two tears ran from my eyes.

"I love you, Cassie. You're my woman now."

"I love you too, Paladin. You're my man too. I'll make you the happiest guy in the world."

We both shed some tears as we snuggled.

After a few minutes in each others arms she moved down and started licking and sucking my cock. It slowly filled with blood.

"Come on up, big boy. I'm not done with you yet. We're just getting started."

"I love what you do with that mouth. Did you learn that in nursing school?"

"Not quite, but we did learn where all the nerves are located. I'm going to show you."

She moved up over me and held my cock against her soaked pussy lips.

"Now, I'm going to ride you into a coma. You just lay there and enjoy."

True to her word she started working on my cock. She got me right to the edge of cumming and kept me there. It seemed like forever till she let me cum. She did things with her pussy muscles that I didn't think were humanly possible. It was bordering on a religious experience.

Over the rest of the day we fucked in every position possible. Then we fucked in some I thought were impossible. This woman was strong and in shape. After the fourth time I couldn't get it up again.

"Stick a fork in me, I'm done."

"I did good, huh?"

"You're way past good. You're off the scale."

"I've never cum so many times before. My pussy is way past happy."

We took a break and had something to eat. Naked lunch was an experience we would do over and over. I did manage to get it up one more time that night. We slept till almost noon the next day.



The longer I was with Cassie the more I came to appreciate her. She was a lady in public, an animal in bed and a loving companion all the time. She was a mans woman. She knew how to treat a man. Sometimes I thought she could read my mind. In a nutshell, she spoiled me. It took me a while to realize what she was doing, but when I figured it out I just had to smile. My best answer to her was to do the same.

On one day off Cassie took me to the skinny dippers spot on the river. I didn't know what to expect other than a bunch of naked people swimming. We pulled out on the river bar where the other cars and trucks were parked. I could see everyone about twenty yards away. I sat for a minute just looking. There was every shape and size of human bodies there. Little kids, young teenagers, husband and wives, and a few seniors. We got out and stripped. As we walked to the edge of the water I heard a few people say, "Hey Paladin. How's it going." "Hey Paladin, come on in the water is fine." I waved and said hi. Cassie introduced me to some of them.

I can tell you, swimming in the nude is way different than wearing a suit. The best way I can describe it is that it's sensual. Once I got over the initial shock I had a great time. We went back a few more times through the summer.

We did manage to finish the house on the time line I had set. She spent each morning tending the pot patch and her kitchen garden. The house work only took minimal time and we shared that. I concentrated on getting the house done. She was a great help when I needed her. I coached her on running my saws, driving nails. She picked up the fine points. Driving nails, you say. Most people don't know how. They peck at them like a little bird and bend most of them over. She learned how to take a full swing. I had her frame one wall on her own. She had a little trouble with the window till I showed her how. I even bought her a tool belt.

By the middle of summer the house was done. It was a ranch style with a pitched roof. I didn't think just the two of us would be able to handle putting trusses up. Of course we went shopping for all the furniture and some stuff for the kitchen.

We decided to try to civilize Spook. No one knew where he lived so we wanted to deed him a two acre parcel on the corner of her forty acres and give him my trailer. There was a spring there so he wouldn't have to worry about a water supply. He came to eat one evening and we told him our plan. He balked at first but we insisted and he finally caved in. Once we got it set up he gave me a bone crushing man hug. I saw a little tear in the corner of his eye. We both suspected that no one had ever treated him with kindness like that before.

Fall came and it was harvest time. Cassie showed me how to manicure the buds to get them ready for sale. It took us about two weeks to get them all cleaned. I learned not to lick the resin off my fingers. I did it a few times and found myself staring off into space for an hour or two. Cassie had a good laugh at my expense.

We got everything ready and the buyer showed up. We had a little over one hundred pounds for him. He had flown into the airport near Garberville. I met him and brought him to our place. He sniffed, weighed and tested the weed. I drove him back to his plane and he handed me a big sports bag full of money. I didn't count it. Cassie told me she had done business with him before and trusted him. With a promise to see us next year he took off into the wild blue yonder.

After the house was done and our product sold I started picking up odd jobs around the creek. The three girls needed a new roof so I did that for them. The offered to pay me with a threesome. Cassie chuckled and told me not to even think about it. We all had a laugh and I figured that they weren't serious. The were just pulling Cassie's leg because we were the new couple there.

A new guy bought in and wanted a deck built around his trailer. I took the job and he worked it out with Dennis about the lumber. It turns out that he was in college and his parents were killed in an auto accident. He sold his dad's business and their home and bought ten acres just around the hill from us. Everyone pitched in and got his pot patch going the next spring.

I had kept in touch with Gary and Marcie via emails. I talked to Cassie about giving them the full scoop on what I had been doing. She thought it was a good idea. I told them where I was and extended an invitation for them to come and visit. I had taken some pictures around the place so I included them in the email. I put one in of the house and her kitchen garden. One of her running her tiller, one of a deer hanging in the tree behind the house and one of us in shorts and t shirts wearing out tool belts. I included a picture of a bag of weed with a caption, "Cash crop." The last one I attached was a picture of Cassie and I. She was standing in front of me. My arms were around her and she had her t shirt lifted up showing her six month baby bump.