My Stepsister - True Story About Sex With My Virgin Stepsister

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My Stepsister - True Story About Sex With My Virgin Stepsister

Unread post by rajkumari » 10 Dec 2016 10:01

It started when my stepsister, lets call her Lisa. When we were in the pool she loved it when I would throw her up out of the water by placing my hands on her ass and going under the water and lifting her up fast. When I was under the water I looked at her nice firm ass wrapped in her bikini,of course my hands started to wander and I felt her pussy a few times without her mentioning it.

She was of normal build with longish blonde hair,blue eyes,freckles,nice budding tits with puffy nipples and actually a little nerdy looking, but attractive. I grew quite attracted to her and often spied on her while she took baths and changed in her room.

She was quite innocent and would often walk around in the mornings in her nightie and white cotton panties and I would just hang about in my boxers with semi hardons which im sure she noticed. I remember sitting next to her in the evenings on the sofa while she lay with her feet towards me on her side watching tv, her panties slightly pulled up her ass and her pussy lips clearly visible through her panties, I would sit there trying to hide my hardon.

When she was older she moved up on top of the garage next to my bedroom, I was happy about that because it made it easier for me to spy on her,this is when I started to up my game. I moved a cupboard close to my door and on the cupboard was a full length mirror that was visible to her when she opened her door, I would stand naked and wait for her to come out of her room and she would glance at me then shyly look down and walk off.

Then once in the pool we were sorting of play-wrestling in the water with me fondling her and she then unexpectedly grabbed my cock through my shorts, I froze and she looked into my eyes and just smiled!

She got out the pool and said to me, "Come".

I followed her up to her room and she closed the door and said, "Can I see it?"

I nodded unable to speak and pulled my shorts down to reveal my large circumcised cock.

She stared at it as I lay down on the bed on my back,she knelt next to the bed and looked at it.

I asked her, "have you ever seen one?"

And she replied,"No"

I told her she could touch it if she wanted to and she took hold of it and commented on how big it was and at how hard and hot it felt.

I took hold of her wrist and showed her how to wank and she started slowly wanking me, feeling my balls with her other hand.

My balls tightened and my cock swelled up and I started cumming thick,long white streams of cum onto my chest and stomach.

She was quite taken aback and she just said quietly, "Whoa! Wow!"

Just then I heard a car coming down the driveway and scurried off to my room with my still hard cock sticking out in front of me and with her eyes still glued to it.

The next day after school I planned that I was going to fuck her, she was in her room lying on her bed reading a book and I opened the door and came in naked, she looked a bit shocked but sat up on the side of her bed with her feet on the floor, I walked up to her so my cock was right in her face and said to her, "why don't you try sucking it?"

She replied, "Umm OK"

She was blushing heavily as she opened her mouth and took my helmet in her lovely warm mouth causing my cock to swell, I put my hands on her head and gently started fucking her mouth when once again I heard a car coming down the driveway, as I scurried off to my room she whispered,"come back later tonight when everyone is asleep"

I went into my room feeling a bit pissed off about being disturbed twice now while trying to fuck her.

Later that night after I heard my parents turning off the lights and retiring to there bedroom on the other side of the house so I took off my clothes again and opened her door, she was lying on the bed facing the door with her legs spread and her nightie pulled up a little past her belly button. She smiled as I closed the door and knelt next to her bed kissing down her thighs getting closer to her panties. Her skin was soft and my kissing had caused her to get goosebumps, I licked her panties feeling her pussy lips through the fabric. I could smell her sweet pussy and her panties got wet from my tongue probing her lips.

I reached up and pulled them down and she raised her hips so I could get them off,her pussy had large lips with very little hair on them but she had a patch at the top which was shaved neatly for wearing a bikini. She pulled the nightie up over her head to reveal her round tits with very erect nipples staring out towards me.

I ran my tongue up her slit towards her clit and she jumped then sighed, her breathing was getting quite heavy as I licked and sucked on her pussy, sticking my tongue as deep as I could up her hole then flicking it on her clit, she started moaning a bit and was pushing her hips up towards my mouth.

I kissed my way up her stomach and took a nipple in my mouth swirling my tongue around it, she threw her head back and moaned a little more.

I went back down to her pussy and licked and sucked her clit and tongue fucked her, she was going to have her first orgasm on my mouth.

She put her hand over her mouth to stop her cries from waking up our parents and I just carried on licking her.

Her legs were trembling and her hips were bucking at my mouth and I felt her cum, her pussy contracting and expanding on my tongue.

She lay there for a bit and calmed down and then said, "Whoa, that was nice!"

I pulled her by the hips closer to the edge of the bed and spread her legs wide, she went up on her elbows to see and she had a worried look as my cock was close to her pussy.

I said, "It's OK Lisa,don't worry."

She sort of smiled but still looked worried,

I said, "Relax,it's OK."

I rubbed my cock up and down her slit touching her clit and then I slowly pushed it in so my head was only in, she was very tight and I saw her grabbing the covers with her fists still looking worried.

I started pushing deeper rocking my cock in and out of her, she was bright red and still looking worried.

I pushed deeper,her pussy straining against my cock, I felt her hymen and pushed through breaking it.

Her whole body tensed up and she took in an audible breath of air and her face was scrunched up in pain. I stopped thrusting and let her get used to my cock in her pussy.

I asked her, "Are you OK?"

And she replied, "Yes,it hurt a little"

I then slowly pushed my cock in deeper causing her to breath heavier again.

I pushed it all the way in till my pubic hair touched her pussy lips then I pulled back till my head was almost out and then slid it in all the way back in again picking up speed till I was pounding her tight pussy hard.

She was moaning and pushing back onto my cock cumming up and down it, I felt her pussy contract and expand like before when I was licking her out and it sent me over the edge. My balls contracted and I started cumming deep into her pussy, shooting six or seven loads into her. After I came we lay there for a bit and I pulled my cock out and some cum ran down her leg, I popped my cock out on top of her pussy and dribbled cum onto her patch of pubic hair.

She lay there and looked sleepy and as I got up to leave she whispered, "Come back tomorrow night."